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BEAUTIFUL &  BRILLIANT as they are, and always can be, all the Teenagers, the very world over, have a very beautiful world of their own. And-

Nothing  in my life  has delighted  me  more   than  to see them shriek, scream and  enjoy themselves, and the pleasantest of honours of meeting them. 

Imagine then my delight, when I came across this brilliant communication, that ascribes and describes them at their very best:

*I am 15 years old with out a phone, entertainment or love. My parents don't respect my wishes and opinions and everything I want is considered being  ''selfish''. I already have social anxiety and it's hard dealing with that at school.

I hate staying home. My efforts are never appreciated and it's all about marks and results. Instead of being encouraged at home I get taunted and ridiculed, especially by my parents.................

Understood and great on that  *Little Girl Star*  Just let me get on with the research post and towards the end, I cover the remaining part of your letter, for the World Students Society, lovingly called, !WOW! to learn from.
''I learned it does not matter what position you hold, things can be handled when you are not here,'' she said.

It's a lesson I have never forgotten.

She unplugged again when she started her job at the counsel a year later, with a three week trip to China. Then she made the benefit available to her staff of more than 80 people.

*''We told the staff you should not feel the need to keep up with email while you are on leave or the need to come back to an overwhelming inbox,'' she said. 

Among those on her staff who have taken advantage of it : Joshua Shields, an associate editor of the counsel's monthly magazine, went to Uruguay last year on a vacation.

On the first day, he surprised his girlfriend by driving to the beach and proposing to her, he said.

Catherine Moynihan, senior director of legal management services, was among the first to unplug during a two-week trip to Australia with her family. She did so under some duress from Richardson.

''It's hard to let go for some of us who take a lot of ownership and are tied up in our jobs,'' she said. For her it meant dropping that one hour a day of email maintenance that allowed her to take tabs on things while she was gone, she said.

''I was definitely twitchy for a while,'' she said. '' I realised I had this physical reflex while waiting in a line or that pause in a conversation before picking up the book.''

Instead, she went scuba diving, visited friends in Melbourne, and saw some Kangaroos.

''It allowed me to really forget about work, not have it be in my night wakings,'' she said.

The conference room at the counsel's office features a wall full of glossy travel photos taken by staff members over the past 15 years.

There are pictures from Arches National Park in Utah and Victoria Falls in Zambia and a flea market in Beijing.

Tiffani Alexander,  editor in chief of the association's magazine, is also planning a  month-long sabbatical this summer after 10 years at the association.

She plans to go to Greece and learn more about ancient history. ''I want to go to Athens and stand where Cleopatra stood,'' she said. Then she plans to sit in her home office and work on her own historical novel.

As the  editor-in-chief, turning over the reigns completely is something that she has never tried to do, but she said she trusts her co-workers, and she's ready to try.

''I feel like the sky won't fall.''   

And now,........the remaining part of this Girl Star's  letter:

*It is all about marks and studies. Anything I do beside that is bad. I don't go outside to play [because I am too old]. I don't have a phone and I am expected to do nothing except study. I cannot handle it anymore.

Other teens my age have all the stuff that I need.   

They party, hang out with friends and have not one but three phones in their hands. Every day I cry because of my family and the other problem is that if I try to object or say  'no'  then they say I am  'answering back'. 

Even my friends say 'Girl, you need a life'. I know I am not good at studies but I like singing and arts.

I really want to love my parents but I think most of my problems are related to them. I feel like running away from here..........*

Okay, Cheerup:  Little Girl Star,   and  see you, and all the  Teenagers  on the World Students Society, lovingly and respectfully called : !WOW!, which belongs to every single Teenager in the world:

''One Share-Peace-Piece''.
With most respectful and loving dedication to  *All The Teenagers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter.......!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' LifeStyles!WOW! '''

Good Night and God Bless

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