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AT THE FIRST CONCEPTUAL TEMPORARY HOSTS : *Proud Pakistan, Beautiful breezy Spring,  is right here. 

*Like !WOW!, April is a beautiful promise* 

April is a lovely month for every gardening activity as the temperatures are still tolerable and there is much preparation to be done-

For the blistering heat of summer, which, unfortunately, seems to intensify and intensify each and every year now. Bright students will get the flow and meaning of what I am hinting at.  .

The World Students Society, the exclusive ownership of every single student in the world : One Share-Peace-Piece, is all set to make the most of Spring and invites the entire world to start growing. 

*TO THE WORLD OVER* : Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, India, China, Russia, Egypt, Morocco, Iceland, Venezuela, Bolivia, North Korea, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Bangladesh, Cuba-

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For all of the above, The World Students Society, most lovingly and respectfully called, !WOW!, stops to pays its respects to all their very respective Leaders, Parents, Professors and Teachers and every citizen. 

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And as the world roles up its sleeves to begin its hardwork to help build a better world.......
ONE PROPOSAL IS...............to stop  *work emails*   after 6pm.

The law followed a  French study  about the affliction of  ''info-obesity that detailed health effects such as sleeplessness that stem from chronic reliance on technology.

A separate study  2014  study  study from the  *University of British Columbia*  found that people who frequently check email throughout the day experience higher level of stress and tension-

*As they constantly shift their attention between tasks and rearrange priorities*.  

REACTIONS TO FRANCE'S new policy have been mixed, with even advocates for  family-friendly work environments urging caution and-

Saying that no  e-mail  after-hours policy is not the answer for a lot of employees.

Many people have colleagues in different time zones. And many value the flexibility to work nights or weekends if it means they have some freedom during a typical work day.

''Edicts alone won't solve the problem of overwork,''  said Ellen Ernst Kossek, a professor at the   *Purdue University Krannert School of Management*   who said her research shows that people-

Want to work at different times and different ways depending on their habits and personal lives.

''We have to teach people to have healthy  email  behaviours,'' she said. that could include employees and employers talking about what is a reasonable response time for email, for example, and what is appropriate time to send emails. 

''It's not  good to send email in the middle of the night,'' she said.

Veta Richardson, president and chief executive at the Association of Corporate Counsel, said unplugging from work completely for a few weeks helped her at a critical time in her life.

Her mother died in 2010, while she was working as a chief executive in another organization.

In her grief, she and her sister boarded a plane for a three-week trip to India. She told her staff she would not be checking email. when she came back, she felt rejuvenated. she said.

''I learnt that it does not matter what position you hold, things can be handled when you are not here.'' she said.
''It's a lesson I have never forgotten''.
She unlpugged again when she started her job at the counsel a year later, with a three week trip to China. 

*Then she made the benefit available to her staff of more than 80 people.

''We told the staff you should not feel the need to keep up with email while you are on leave or the need to come back to an overwhelming inbox,'' she said.

The Honour an Serving of the latest  ''Operational Research''  on Work ethics and a balanced  happy life, continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter.......
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