Headline April 07, 2017/ ''' DRUGS -DONS- DUPES '''


*STUDENT - TEENAGED*    ALI DAUD      lies motionless among the group of addicts. He seems just about a very dark shadow. I look again:

His sunken  green eyes,  dishevelled hair and slender frame going tiny, confirm that this handsome little student is already a shadow of the past and darkening shadow of  himself.

He occasionally stirs ,.... raises his head and squints at  passers-by  and the traffic on the  overhead bridge. After a while,  he drags himself up and totters to a nearby lane to get hold of even more drugs.

*Proud Pakistan* :  All these happenings and nightmares....under a flyover on the bank of a drain in Hayatabad, Peshawar, KPK Province.

But contrary to what many of  you might believe,  the  students/youngsters huddled under the bridge are not addicted to heroin or hashish.

Their addiction is  *Crystal Meth*,  that I lovingly call  *Crystal Math*. Mathematical thinking always fascinated me in life. Yes, their addiction is Crystal Meth,  commonly known as  'Ice".

In one local jargon, in one of many,  it is known as  'Sheesha'.

''Students tell me that it makes you   cool and hyperactive,''  says Student Sajjad Gul,  a   20 year  old   ice  addict. Some tell me it makes you a sex god''.

Student Gul walks up to the  Karkhano Market  everyday to score his stash from another young student his own age:

''The transfer is discreet,''  he says. ''Then I rush back to join my drug buddies [under the bridge]. No one else comes here. Ice puts you in a dreamland. I have used  heroin too   but Ice is a very, very different sensation.''

Contrary to popular perception  however,  Crystal Math  addiction is not merely a phenomenon of the poor. 

In fact, the stories of student Ali Daud and Student Sajjad Gul are no different from hundreds of young students staying in hostels, on campuses of  private and public sector educational institutions.

Some even claim that it is more a  phenomenon of the elite   -since imported ice costs a lot more than other drug, discloses research author, Sher Alam Shinwari.

*And the trend of  consuming  Crystal Math is on the sharp rise*. 

Doctors and Professionals  associated with  counter-drug  abuse measures claim that over the past six months, there has been a  20%  increase in the number of addicts using  Crystal Math. 

The addiction is also common among  school-going  teens, while visitors to small restaurants and indoor sports clubs are no exception  either. 

Meanwhile, the absence of a proper drugs control policy to check and curb the peddling of  Crystal Math  has meant that it has fast become the  drug of choice for those suffering depression, mental agony, or even erectile dysfuction.

''The situation is horrible,''  says Dr. Parveen Azam Khan, director of the Dost Welfare Foundation [DWF}  a non profit organization in Peshawar that has been working against drug abuse since 1992.

*The DWF  claims to have thus far rehabilitated   around  40,000 drug addicts*.

Student Ghulam Ali,  who is learning something   at a local college in Peshawar, and an  Ice user  explains that Ice is just so easily available across Peshawar and peddlers tend to sell it small quantities.

''The price of one gram of locally made  Crystal Math:

 May run between 1,500   to   2,000  rupees. One gram of  import-quality Grade A Math   costs between  5,000 to 6,000  rupees,'' he says    

While the   import-quality  drug  is widely popular among  students  from privileged grounds,  the locally made one is  for those who come from humble backgrounds.

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