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WHAT YA ALL MEAN?!   -GIRLS?  : that  Central Intelligence Agency. lovingly called CIA, is up to  no good?  How come? 

What? But  CIA should be protecting this  *great American nations*  privacy, rather than inventing all kinds of tools to hack into citizen's  universe?  

And by the way where is Zilli?  What cell phone is she using? Get hold of her and have her contact me. In the meantime, also........ 

Have Zilli, and Vishnu/India, and Toby/China,  research everything, and give me a complete tutorial and presentation over the weekend, after my return from KPK

Time to pay my respects to the great student heroes from KPK, and gauge, O'' Captain Imran Khan's great work, for !WOW!?     

ALL AROUND ME  :   It's just no secret at all, that Students Zaeem Khan, Hazeem, Danyial, Rahym. Maynah, Maria, Kanza,  Haanyia, Merium, Neena,  Hammad,  Ghazi-

IT'S JUST NO SECRET AT ALL ,  that  teenagers and even children, all over the world, millions by millions of them love,  *Social Media*, just as they have begun falling in love with !WOW!.

More than one-third of the  internet/users are younger than 18. But do they understand what they sign up to?  
Members of  ''Generation Z''    can spend up to  9 hours   a day sharing, photos on Instagram,  consuming  ''content''  on YouTube and talking to friends on SnapChat. [Just don't ask them to get excited about Facebook].

But how much do these teens  understand   what they've agreed to give up when they start an account with those sites? 

Probably very little, according to a report released recently   -and dense terms and conditions that are  ''impenetrable and largely ignored''  are partly to blame.

*Terms and conditions* is one of the first things you agree to when you come upon a site,* Jenny Afia, a privacy lawyer and partner at Schillings law firm in London, told  The Washington Post.

*But, of course, no one reads them. I mean, most adults don't read them*.

Afia was a member of a  ''Growing Up Digital'' task force convened by the Children's Commissioner for England to study Internet use among the teens and the concerns children might face as they grow up in the digital age.

The group found that more than a third of Internet users are younger than 18, with   12- to  15-year-olds spending more than 20 hours a week online.

Most of those children have no idea what their privacy rights are, despite all of them agreeing to terms and conditions before starting their social media accounts. Afia said, ''The Task Force, which included experts from the public and private sector, worked for a year and released its report recently.

''The situation is serious,'' Afia said in the report:

''Young people are unwittingly giving away personal information, with no real understanding of who is holding that information, where they are holding it and what they are going to do with it.''

One reason for this became apparent when the task force asked a group of teenagers to read and interpret Instagram's term and conditions.

Many of them balked at the exercise: Instagram's term of use in total run at least seven printed pages, with more than 5,000 words, mostly written in legalese.

*Boring!*  one  13-year-old-girl/student  declared during the exercise. ''It doesn't make any sense.''

After 20 minutes the same teen questioned why we should continue reading.

''Are you sure this is necessary?'' she said. ''There are, like, 100 pages.''

Afterward, the teenagers said they understood very little about privacy rights on  Instagram, despite getting through the terms and conditions.

''I don't know due to the sheer amount of writing and the lack of clarity within the document,'' a  15-year-old-student said, according to the report.

The group ran  Instagram's   terms,  *terms and conditions*  through a readability study and found that it registered at a postgraduate reading level, Afia said.

She was tasked with rewriting the company's terms and conditions  'in plain English.''  It took her several hours, she said. 

''It was doable,'' Afia said. ''But it was quite taxing and definitely time-consuming.''

The simplified terms of service fit on a  single page. The following paragraph is taken from Instagram's term of use:

*''You are responsible for any activity that occurs through your account and you agree that you will not sell, transfer, license or assign your account, followers, user name, or any account rights.

With the exception of people or businesses that are expressly authorised to create accounts on behalf of their employers or clients-
 Instagram prohibits the creation of and you agree that you will not create account for anyone other than yourself.

You also represent that all information you provide or provided to Instagram upon registration and at all other times will be true, accurate, current and complete and you agree to update your information as necessary to maintain its truth and accuracy.''*

After Afia rewrote it for teenagers to be able to understand, it became, simply:

*''Don't use anybody else's account without their permission or try to find out their login details''*

The Honour and Serving of the  latest  ''Operational Research'' on........... Students, Life, and  Technology continues. Thank Ya all for reading and many thanks to Amy B Wang for this super work.

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