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*PAKISTAN  & INDIA* : Were  you all to  consider my judgement, are the next two great economic powers of the world.   In the years ahead, both will come to grips with-

Their formidable problems, and the unimaginable sufferings of its people, and for a change, bust their paradigms. 

ALL OF YOU, from the world over, -keep asking me, so I have given you my answer.    

If you all  observe carefully, the world,  the work, and the  contributions of students on  Sam Daily Times : *The Voice  of the  Voiceless*,  you will eventually conclude,  that the  Students of the World, are very far  from happy,  about the state of the world.

No matter how you all feel; now matter how heavy your hearts in sadness and perceptions : *Emotionalism*  can never be a policy. What you truly need is clear thinking and the mastery of executions. Simple as that. 

MeriumRaboAqsa?  HaleemaSaima? Dee? Paras? EmanMustafa? Vishnu? ShahzaibSalarDanyial?  Kanza, Maria? HannyiaMaynahHussainZaeem?  Jordan? GhaziToobaMerium? Mustafa?

All of you, now, get back to some real work: and look up : 1............. hajsimulator.com. 2. a3i3s.com. 3. axon313.com.............and this great software mastery and brilliance at : New Zealands's 8i.

As of now, I just  add to my woes, and take time off to help strategize and propel Axon forward. Two  students from Azad Kashmir have already been interviewed. 40 more jobs will come up in the weeks ahead. 

*I will recommend all students who are interested but masterfully those, who are  right up there on Twitter*. 

In the meantime, Millionaire Engineer Imran BasitLUMS/ MS China, *Pakistan's Pride of Performance*winner  and................

Multi billionaire, by world standards, student Faraz Majeed team up to create World Class  *takeaways*  focused also on World Students. They invite me over as an observer, so  I cover it in the next research publishing.  
Following survival instincts, Student Usman, is a software engineer by profession and under 25 years of age. He did his B.E. in software engineering.

''I love working on different innovative ideas and research work. I wanted to do something new and aspired to be an inventor   -that's how became an entrepreneur. My elder brother was playing games on my console. 

That's when the idea came   -why not do do something more than just sit in front of the screen.''  

So as a  success story   -Wonder Tree,   offers customised games for children with special needs. It all began when Muhammad Usman noticed his elder brother's keen interest in playing games.

His brother has Down's syndrome which hampers body movements while Usman noticed that the same became easier while playing a game and inferred he could learn in a better way provided he became interested in an activity.

Usman was a university at that time. He along with his friends thought of making games specifically designed for children who are suffering from ADHD, Down Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia and Cerebral Palsy and they managed to make a prototype of game based on *augmented reality*.

After a facilitation at Nest I/O incubator in Karachi, their prototype became more refined and later eventually got selected in different competitions held at national and international level  [like Apilta competition recently held in Taiwan].

Wonder Tree has developed a gaming platform that promotes learning and therapy simultaneously through AR [augmented reality] games with the aim to cater to different needs of a child from 5 years of age and above, with easy-to-personalize content for a child's varying requirements.

The platform has learning content and therapeutic exercises in the form of games. Every time a person plays the game, the system measures the performance and issues a detailed report for it.

It requires a windows 8/8.1 Kinect V2 sensor with adapter, an LCD screen and a laptop of 3rd generation or higher to play a game. 

First, the sensor identifies the player's actions and transmits it to the laptop in which wonder tree game has already been installed, and after going through the action displays on the TV screen and the end result through-

Reporting system makes possible the improvement of motor skills {movement of body parts} concentration and hand-eye harmonisation, as it not only enables the person to monitor the growth chart of a child  but also suggests a room for further improvement.  

What could be better to have a cure while indulging into something which amuses you?

Game ''Wonder Tree''  is offering Bucket ball that works to catch  different colour of balls falling all around the player except the red one with the help of a virtual basket  [or holding a real one].

Bubble Pop: This game ties together magic in a player's hands as he/she can bust the bubbles which fall around through his/her body movements like jumping, stretching and squatting.

These games help in physical movement and offer rehabilitation therapy, improvement in cognitive behaviour.  

There are two parts of  *Wonder Tree* : 
'One is the gaming part in which the child can see himself while playing the games. This concept is called Augmented Reality. The last part is reporting in which you can actually see the results,'' says Usman.

His message for Students is : ''If you wanted to do something and are planning to start your own venture-

You need to be very faithful to yourself.......work really hard, keeping in mind that this journey is never going to easy but you will be victorious one day.

The Honour and Serving of the latest *Operational Research*  on Students, Jobs, Inventions, Innovations, Entrepreneurship,  continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter.......!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' The Entrepreneurs '''

Good Night and God Bless

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