Headline March 29, 2017/ ''' JOBS -*STUDENTS*- JABS '''


*SINCE  MANY BEAUTIFUL  YEARS AGO*   -  right up to now,  nothing delights me more,  than composing great music,  and at times, rehashing old work.

I am darned sure, that this great stirring and  faculty came to from, no one and no-where-else,  than  my very Great Feudal mother : Lady Ashrafat Jan. 

Even though, my mother never made it to school,    Esteemed Lady Ashrafat Jan,  was one hell of an  Icon,   a great   *poetess of Punjabi language*  and the first tier fearless leader, I had the honour to watch and learn from. 

*Thanks, Mom, not for any one thing, but for every single thing*.

I was in that soaring  mode  :  melancholic and introspective, that Ol' Pal, best referred to as   ''Deep Throat''  fired a buzz. 'Hey, A', come on  by. I have some thing that would surely interest you'. 

*Deep Throat always had an ear to the ground*. 

True, all the way,    as I pulled up into the welcoming world of     ''Deep Internet'',  all the while clearing my tail, and having  Merium, Rabo and Dee hoover elsewhere, as decoys. 

On return, ''Merium and Rabo's parents,'' were more than gracious and welcoming. Rabo's beautiful mother, who having mastered the mysteries and functions of Skype, loved nothing more than making calls to her family all over. 

Any thing tech, had both of her parents enthralled. And on this visit, ever loving and devoted, Dee, accompanied me.

''All this : *Open-source*,'' I said.  ''All this is  : Real Future''.  ''And I will get all of you to win this work. Over 100,000 students, all over Pakistan, will get employed. All destinies will change. Pakistan and many countries of the world, will forever be in your debt.''

Finding, their immersion impressive, and their interest growing by  *leaps and bounds,  as my presentations soaked in,  Rabo set about getting inside the application, as I began figuring the  *programming stratagems*            

With exams looming, and their lives in great flux and unending pressures, Dee and I reasoned,  and drew conclusions to let the destiny slide. Rabo, dutifully put some parts of the master code on a storage device for me.

I look at the USB, and wonder putting value on a  ''missed opportunity'', or on  picking up the thread  to begin the ascent. For my love of  *Proud Pakistan* I chose the latter course,  and mull my options. For sure, !WOW! could change the way, the world works 

So Students :  Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Dee, Sarah,  Eman/LUMS, Armeen/LUMS,  Shahzaib/US, Mustafa/LUMS, Hussain,  Ahsen/LUMS, Salar/US, Faizan, Hasaan, Zaeem,  Vishnu/India, Omer/Malaysia  start paying attention to :

''*Netbeans*'' . And for that I thank Engineer & Technologist Waseem Khan/ Canada/ who is in the process of joining Scotiabank: Many wishes, lad, for the great support and good luck.

So Billionaires  : Engineer Shahid Shakoor, and  Students Faraz Majeed and  Ali Hassan/Masters in Business from US, best take time off, to watch the process evolve and unfurl.   

There is another successful endeavour of earnings through cars, named Wrapkar  -an on vehicle advertisement platform founded by Furqan along with his friends in January 2016 that connects brands to drivers. Brand gets promotion and driver gets money.

First the car owner gets onboard Wrapkar, through a call, email or their website. New cars get preference and are supposed to cover an average of at least 30km per day. Then Wrapkar places removable ad on the vehicle of its partner brand, after it on every kilometre distance a car travels it gets paid.

Brands can easily view the performance of the campaign on an online dashboard using a  pay-as-you-go model. 

Wrapkar charges brands according to combination of factors including mileage, location, time and impression received on their respective campaign on vehicle. Drivers get paid at the end of the campaign according to their performance.
Earnings depend on the model of the car one has and the amount of area covered by the ad through vehicle.  Tentatively, a  Toyota Sedan  2010 model or a later model can get up to Rs 20,000  a month during a camping.

''Currently, we have nearly 200 fleet partners and are in talk with 5 major brands,'' explains Furqan.

It gives an alternative marketing solution to a brand for for their product promotion and an income to the driver, as anyone who drives a car can earn easy extra money just by placing ads on their vehicle. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both.

''When I was in university, I followed tech news and saw stories of guys in their mid 20s creating huge companies that have changed the way we live. The Internet has made it possible for everyone with a computer to make a huge impact.

Especially, in Pakistan where tech entrepreneurship is comparatively new, there is a lot of room for everyone to create new solutions. If it possible to build a company and create employment, why become an employee? 

Also, traditional businesses in Pakistan give very less creative freedom to their employees and have rigid environments. Young entrepreneurs are changing the old ways,'' says Furqan

''Last year, I was thinking about startups like Uber and Airbnb; how the concept of shared economy is taking over the world. And then I saw the problems of main roads crowded bill boards. They were only large advertisements where there should be trees.

These billboards have even caused deaths during wind storms in Karachi. Also, the advertisement industry only benefits rich or small or medium sized business cannot even think of advertising on bill boards. Seeing all these problems came a solution,  Wrapkar''.

Wrapkar connects everyday car owners to brands who pay for them placing removable advertisements on their vehicles exterior. 

''We keep a small percentage of transaction; the rest of it goes to the car owner. We are combining geo-tracking in our solution so the brand can watch the performance of its campaign on an online dashboard unlike other forms of outdoor advertising.

''Anyone with a car can either download our app or go to our website to create an account and upload a few pictures of their vehicle. On the other hand, a brand comes to our website and signup, creates a new campaign and selects the desired vehicles from the available list.

The car owner receives brand's request and he or she can now get the car wrapped up in the  brand's advertisement  and keep driving like they usually do. At the end of the campaign, the brand pays the driver.''

Furqan message to the Students/youth : ''Create companies to have the freedom of steering it your own way and create environments that promote participation and creativity.''  

The Honour and Serving of the  *Operational Research* on Jobs, and  Case Studies continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward.

With respectful dedication to All the Parents of the World, the Students, Professors and Teachers. See Ya all on   !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' *Heart's*- Hoovers''' 

Good Night and God Bless

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