Headline March 28, 2017/ ''' CYBER -*JOBS*- CAMEO '''

''' CYBER -*JOBS*- CAMEO '''

*NOW STUDENTS & TECHNOLOGISTS AND  GENIUSES*  : Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Dee, Saima, Sarah, Hussain, Shahzaib, Salar-

Bilal/US, Jordan/US, Mustafa/LUMS, Danyial, Faizan, Hasaan, Haider, Paras, Sorat, Eman/LUMS, Aqsa, Zaeem, Vishnu/India, Tooba, Ibrahim Imran, Sanyia Rumi

How is !WOW!  -the World Students Society, protected against Cyber Attacks?  Rabo? Shahzaib? Salar? Haleema? Hussain?
All of you, best review everything! All systems!  *Back up all content*.

*Yes, Back Up All Content. And stay very, very alert and watchful* and most important of all keep  *Google* fully informed. Shazaib, Clear?

All of you ensure that Shazaib Khan gets a latest tutorial from Technologist Amin Malik/US, and Ahmar Bari Khan/Apple/US, and if the need increases get hold of Dr. Auon Muhammad Akhter at Nutaq/Canada.

Imagine, and read for yourself, that.............       

*QUEEN ELIZABETH II*  -90, just so very recently inaugurated  NCSC, Britain's  National Cyber Security  Centre, spearheading-

The country's efforts to  combat growing wave of cyberattacks  notable emanating from Russia.

The 90-year old  monarch formally opened the  London hub  alongside her husband Prince Philip, 95, and a host of government ministers including finance minister Philip Hammond.

''The Cyberattacks we are seeing are increasing in their frequency,  -their severity, and their sophistication,'' Philip Hammond said at the official opening. 

''In the first three months of its existence the  NCSC  has already mobilised to respond to attack on  188  occasions.'' 

The finance minister vowed to ''invest necessary resources''  and called for a  'team effort' to counter the attacks against businesses and  individuals.

The centre is one element of a  1.9 billion   $2.38 billion, 2,24 billion euros] government strategy unveiled in November to tackle  Cyber threats.

As part of its bid to tighten security, the government is opening 100 posts at the new hub to be filled by private sector employees on secondment from their permanent jobs.

The Duke of Edinburgh  joked to staff that it was important  ''to hire more people who do not predate the Internet,'' according to an official NSC tweet/

Part of the  Britain's communications  spying agency,  GCHQ, the London hub is aimed at implementing preventing measures such as better securing state websites and email accounts.

At the opening, agency chief  Robert Hannigan said ''this morning began a new chapter in nearly 100 years  of  GCHQ's  service to the country.''

Staff are also preparing for a major  ''category!''  cyber attacks, which is expected to happen sooner or later,  CEO  Ciaran Martin said in a Sunday Times interview.

And, now having said that, and just following the heart : You all can so easily discern that   *Students and  Job Openings*   in the world, especially the Developing World are just turning into one large  *Directory of Grief*

Pakistan is facing massive unemployment issue. Hundreds and  thousands of students, get a degree every year but do not get a job. Often we seek a white-collar job. A blue collar job or, acquiring technical education, is viewed as a sign of low self-esteem. 

A solution to this problem lies in starting up one's own business venture. There are examples which dispel the myth that one needs a lot of capital for a startup

Capital definitely gives an advantage but one can be successful even if does not have it.

Student Shakaib started a venture by the name of  SK Motors Syndicate, a place that offers inspection, repair and maintenance of all kinds of cars. 

He had  Rs 800 only to begin with, writes researcher Imran Nabi.. He got his business cards`and stickers published with his money to spread about SK Motors Syndicate. The intention was to earn some extra money to spend on his wants.

A car enthusiast since a tender age, he said, ''My only passion was to roam around in cars. I would keep enquiring about their makeup and alteration etc at that time.'' This way Student Shakaib came to know a lot about car maintenance. Later, during his university days he came up with this idea.

He went to some mechanics and presented them an offer   -that he would bring clients, in return he asked for a quality assurance, 

''It's better to increase clientele and retain them with quality work at the right price than do one-time work at high rates that drive the clients away,'' he says. This is how he bridged the gap between client and a service provider.

''At times it is not possible for some people to maintain a car on their own due to a busy schedule, non-availabilty of  a male member at home or owning to unfamiliarity with the problems that arise in a car etc. 

We quickly point out the actual problem and the cost, so it is better to have the job done by us. This saves time. 

We take care that we do not over charge with raises satisfaction level of clients,'' explains Shakaib who also provides pick and drop service along with warranties of work.

Initially, it was hard for him to make mechanics understand his point but eventually it worked out. At present,  he has more than 100 clients which has generated employment. Shakaib also got selected for  ''Shell Tameer Awards''. back in 2012.

Shakaib has own workshop now. He is also modifying cars despite working in private sector. Passionate about cars since childhood, he has special interest in restoration and modifications of old cars.

Student Shakaib, 29 left a career in banking at Standard Chartered  to join the  The Citizens Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to provide quality education to the less-privileged. He has an MBA.

Shakaib's message for all students/youth is : ''There's no shortcut to success. Passion, honesty and dedication pay off.''

!WOW!  -the World Students Society wishes the brave lad every success. Hope to see you on the World students Society.

The Honour and Serving of the latest  *Operational Research'   on opportunities, jobs and case studies continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and...... Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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