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''THIS ONE, SIR,'' said my father,  to China's Premier Chou En Lai,   '' this one, Sir,  is my youngest and last son, studying at the Convent School, here.''

Premier Chou En Lai,  smiled away, both amazed and startled at my father's numerical of six sons and four daughters. [Yes, from one mother!]

FOR SURE, PREMIER CHOU EN  LAI,  was  one of the greatest leaders of the world,.... for all times. 

The great man  rose from his seat, shook my hands and most lovingly ruffled my hair. And then asked, how I was?

My elder brother, Engineer Bashart Akber Khan Hashmi Querishi, a Sword-of-Honour recipient,   and a  human of rare and  great distinction  :  Peak House, Lawrence College, stood by, to my right.

For reasons, I could only somewhat and partially discern, even now :
I had the great honour to battle not just every member of my family, but also every state institution of Pakistan, every security agency, in a do-or-die battle.

This particular trend, and honour stood by me, in battling every CEO : In Saudi Arabia, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

I never won, But be assured : I never lost.

And for this, I thank my great House-Master Malik Haq Nawaz, University of London, and my greatest of personal friends,  Mohammed Azim Khan, my mentor and shield at school, and Pakistan's most honest and most knowledgeable bureaucrat.

And my greatest of nephews : Dr. Mohammed Jawad Khan Yousafzai : Convent, Saint Marys, Aitcheson College,  *Sword-of-Honour* winner, Kings College, University of Virginia, now teaching at the University of California.

Dr Jawad Khan, then, also,   as  the very founding honours of the    *World Students Society*   Computers-Internet-Wireless and for every subject and discipline in the world.


Should stop and tune in on any of  the  Local  Radio  Channels , and acknowledge in a Silent Prayer ;  The message of Mian Mohamed Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minster of Pakistan:

Extolling and even pealing,  the great and intrinsic  *virtues and values* of this society  and urging every single Pakistani to assure  helping in   building a truly, beautiful world. 

In between the lines and as the world will reason :  His Excellency Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif just as every leader of the world is now doing,   is acknowledging the outstanding and sterling work of : 

*The World Students Society*, most lovingly and admiringly called  !WOW! -that set the historic change many, many years ago the change that has put the world on a better keel..

*Proud Pakistan*  the first historic, conceptual and temporary host of The World Students Society and its Master Publication : Sam Daily Times : *The Voice of the Voiceless*, and Twitter-!Ecosytem! : 2011:

Most Respectfully  acknowledges  the honour  of the  Prime Minister of Pakistan's call, and assures His Excellency Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, of every effort in this regard.  

THROUGH OUT THE DEVELOPING WORLD: there has been top-down support for equity in education, but there is a lack of bottom-up support.

This result in non-holistic approach that has just so partially delivered on its alluring promises.

This schism is not immediately apparent; one can only start to make sense of it by looking at the following fact: according to a 2015  Asian Development Bank Report, female enrollment is up as as the net enrolment ratio improved by 16 percent in recent years.

However, in the case of say, Pakistan, only a quarter of labour force is female. 

Compared to the region and the world,  Pakistan has a dismal gender gap when it come to economic participation and opportunity for females.

THERE are two prevailing mindsets that could account for the staggered growth of female education in the  Developing World. That which thinks of education as an asset, and the other which views it as a threat.

The crux of the issue of  slow-to-improve gender disparity in say, Pakistan's education system is that Pakistanis appear to have both mindsets at the same time.

Less than a decade a ago, in Pakistan, a child's gender significantly accounted for unequal opportunities in primary education, even more so in the case of  secondary education.

Today, survey shows more than 8 out of  10  Pakistanis say that education is equally important for boys and girls; very few think that it is more important for boys than girls or the other way around.

Still, Pakistan, being a part of the   Global  Education For All, [EFA] movement, has not been able to achieve a key measurable education goal; eliminating gender disparity in primary and education no later than in 2015.

This is so despite efforts made by government institutions to improve inclusivity in education, such as  Female Secondary School Stipend Programme initiated in Punjab in 2004, the Stipend Progamme  for Secondary School Females in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-

That was started in 2006, and the 2016 policy to end gender segregation in public schools in Balochistan to allow girls access to higher quality boys' schools.

These examples were actions relevant to the National Education Policy, and the Education Sector Reforms. They are also aligned with the commitments made by the government to EFA goals.

A case cannot be made that that there is no institutional and reform-based support for facilitating educational access for females.

Even though there may be less resistance to how many girls go to school, there is another kind of resistance related to what girls do after they get educated .

This was just so apparent in the case of focus groups with over 200 parents and teachers of children enrolled in  low-cost private schools in rural and urban north Punjab in late 2016.

The Honour and Serving of the latest ''Operational Research''  on *Education and Fears* in the Developing World continues.

With most respectful dedication to every single Leader, Grand Parent, Parent, Student, Professor and Teacher of the world. See Ya all on !WOW! -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

The World Students Society wishes Proud Pakistan a very happy and honoured National Day.

''' World Day & !WOW! '''

Good Night and God Bless

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