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''' *OH- MY GOD *STUDENTS* '''

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IN THE WAKE OF BREXIT, though, what did Mr.Curtis think of the rise of Mr.Trump?  

''For a lot of the people who support Trump- and the new right in Europe  -it's not really nationalism,'' he suggested. 

''It's a class thing.''

He thought again for a moment; that wasn't quiet it. ''You know when you are told to adopt the brace position in an aircraft because you've got some turbulence? 

It's as if everyone's in the brace position at the moment, and they don't dare look out of the window and see the world for what it is.

All the people terrified of Trump are in the brave position  -you know, as you gulp another drink, 'Oh, my God  -we are going to drop down 20,000 feet?' 

If you are in that position and someone starts walking around the aisle, you want them to stop.

You're in the brace position. They're teasing you.   They know you're frightened. They decided to get up and walk around the plane, and you don't like it.''

But Mr. trump's supporters are, of course, also  deeply enbubbled

Mr.Trump according yo Mr.Curtis, may himself be only another form of feed back system, similar to a chat-bot who replies to you restating your questions in a flattering style. 

''He's a hate bot, You go, 'I'm angry,' and he goes, 'I'm angry, too!' And nothing changes. But the system likes it: Angry people click more.''

I asked whether the prospect of Mr, Trump's actually winning concerned him. At the time of my visit,  [writes Jonathan Lotham],    with Mr.Curtis, many national polls showed the candidates tied. 

''I'm trying to abstract myself from the frightened bunny-view of Donald Trump,'' he told me.

''It's the end of something  -that's what I would think  -and if it's the end of something, then it's about time we started inventing something new.''

If the end of the article were the end of an Adam Curtis film, it wouldn't find its way to any definite conclusion. 

Instead, the pileup of astounding facts and images and insinuations would leave you wanting both less and more, but with a very certain sense of having been taken out of yourself for a while  -of having tested the edge of the bubble, if not actually escaped it. 

He seemed to feel the same way.

''Maybe I'm part of the conservatism that I'm being incredibly rude about,'' he said. Uncovering this reservation seemed almost to delight him. 

''I should have the humility to recognize that the sort of films I make are locked in the past. If I was really going to attack myself  -a lot of people also did in the 1990s what I did in film.

Which they called sampling. Basically just going and replaying stuff and remaking it into new things, which is really good fun. But fundamentally, it's doing what I'm accusing  BlackRock's computer of doing :  

Constantly monitoring the past, reworking it into other patterns, as a hedge against the future. 

Am I giving you any vision of the future? The question felt earnest, but I'd said yes he'd have laughed at me.

''In fact, actually the great thing about human beings is that they're protean,'' Mr. Curtis told me. '

*'They can be anything you want them to be. They're amazing*. 

But we are stuck with the idea there is a fixed self. We're stuck with the idea that there is a body mass index that you must have. We're stuck that this is the food you must have.

We're stuck with the system of finance. It's just stuck. And maybe, I'm part of the stuckness.

'' Several Times, Mr. Curtis and I circled back to the notion of the ''hyperobject''   -that which is too big in time and space to comprehend.

Perhaps this is merely shorthand for the sensation of apprehending that we are creatures born into a world that seems to demand our understanding, but will never grant it.

''You have to recognize that you're part of the thing,'' he said. But the point about journalism is to try to portray the thing you are part of. I think that's the best you can do.'' 

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