Headline March 15, 2017/ ''' OBAMA AND OPTICS ''


*PULSE UP -MR. PRESIDENT*.   ''Pulse to the right, please.  Left.  Down, Sir.  Down,  Down. Left.  Left!''

The voice and guidance above is  from Dr.Serena M. Aunon-Chancellor, a NASA astronaut, teaching one of America's greatest presidents Barrack Hussain Obama,  on space flight and docking simulator at the University of Pittsburgh  

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PRESIDENT OBAMA  -staring intently as the dual screens inside a flight simulator -not too long ago-  at the University of Pittsburgh,  gently tapped-

The controls of in front of him, firing  faux thrusters  as he pretended to maneuver his space shuttle toward the  International Space Station.
*Pulse up. Pulse to the right. Left. Down. Left. Left*

All the while his simulation docking practice overseen by Dr, Serena M. Aunon-Chancellor, a  NASA astronaut.   

''Uber Shuttle,''    the beaming president told reporters after  a brief  but successful docking mission, joking that the next market for Uber  would be outer space. ''In case anyone calls, we'll be there in five minutes.''

For nearly eight years, the presidency has been Mr. Obama's science and technology playground, a place where he sought to become the advocate in chief for industries pushing advanced batteries, powerful medical devices and cutting-edge research.

''I'm a nerd, and I don't make any apologies for it,'' Mr. Obama said after his faux shuttle flight. He added : 

''It's cool stuff. And it's that thing that sets us apart, this ability to imagine and hypothesize, and then test and figure stuff out, and tinker and make things and make them better, and then break them down and rework them.''

At the time, with just three months left in his presidency, Mr. Obama is preparing for a life after the White House that will most likely include a close relationship with Silicon Valley.

Officials running Mr. Obama's presidential foundation have made about 10 trips to each strongholds in California in the past year as they help him plot his next steps.

''I wouldn't be surprised if that was one of the key focus areas for him post presidency,'' said Steve Case, a co-founder of AOL.

The path from the Obama White House to the tech giants   -many of them major political donors to Mr. Obama   -is already well worn.

David Plouffe, the architect of Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign, is at Uber. Jay Carney, his onetime press secretary, is at Amazon. Dan Pfeiiffer, the former communications guru, is at GoFundMe.

Lisa  Jackson, who once led the  Environmental Protection Agency under Mr. Obama,is a senior executive at Apple  

Last year, Chris Lehane, an alumnus of President Clinton's White House, took a job at Airbnb.

''This place is becoming an assisted living facility for political vets,'' said Matt McKenna, a former spokesman for Mr. Clinton who decamped last year to Uber and now runs a public relations firm in the center of the tech world.

Suspicions that Mr. Obama harbors dreams of joining them   -at least in some capacity    -were given new life during the past several weeks. 

The president's flight-simulator moments in Pittsburgh capped a recent flurry of  White House activity highlighting American technology.

At the time, and little  later, in course of just one week Mr. Obama promoted new frontiers on in space on CNN.com writing that government and industry should collaborate to send a manned mission to Mars by 2030.

*He guest-edited an issue of  Wired magazine, challenging  Silicon Valley to tackle inequality and civic participation*.   

And, with the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, he hosted the  White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh.

''I would be surprised if he did not spend a significant amount of his post-presidency time and effort connecting the resources and ideas and capabilities-

That he has learned about in Silicon Valley- with the kinds of causes that he choose,''  said Reid Hoffman,  executive chairman and co-founder of LinkedIn and and a top political donor to Mr. Obama.

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