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Tell Ya what. Have this bright and brave student, Faizan Reza, who is right up there on Twitter get after this problem and solve it by informing all Bulgarian Schools, College, Universities,  Students, Professors and Teachers.

Fezan Reza, Clear? Come on lad, get moving! Organic growth on !WOW! is painful, and time consuming.   We have world elections coming up in the near future. So, *get in and get known*.   

UNIQUENESS,  -something sought after by just about every student in the world.*  And in the pursuit of that-

What better place to travel to for a great economical  holiday, than Sofia.

A HISTORICAL GEM  -at the junction of Asia and Europe, Sofia has the creative energy of an   up-and-coming  destination city.

Signs of ancient  Rome and Thrace  are on display alongside influences from the  Ottoman and  Austro-Hungarian  empires, as will as the  50-year period of communist rule.

Local galleries, museums, and cafes pepper the city with unique art pottery, and cuisine. Students/visitors will enjoy sampling and shopping their way across the unique and vibrant city.


Start your day with tea, coffee and banista, a local pastry made with eggs and cheese. You can sample it inside one of the many bread shops in Sofia's historic downtown, such as the popular :
'Denise Banitsa House'.


View  Thracian gold and other treasures at the  *National Archaeological Institute and Museum. Then explore the city on foot on the  ''Free Sofia Tour*, which departs daily at 11am from the Palace of Justice.


For lunch, Pod Lipite serves authentic Bulgarian food in a traditional setting. Warm up with a cup of soup and try the  lyutenitsa appetiser, a traditional dip of peppers, onions and tomatoes.


For a little nature after lunch, stroll through  Boris' Garden,  the city's largest urban park. In the winter months it's possible to rent skates for a spin on the ice.


For a glimpse of Bulgaria's communist past, head to the  *Museum of Socialist Art, featuring statues and monuments as well as representative paintings loaned from the  National Gallery.


Stop at the delicious  Tea Sweet Shop in the leafy diplomatic quarter of of Istok for a sugary baklava. Then head back downtown to the National Gallery of Art to see the latest of exhibition.


Take a stroll down to the historic  Central Market  Hall  for a variety of indoor shopping and snacking opportunities.

The 19th century building contains a variety of craft shops and food speciality stores.


Turn to the rooftop of  Sense Hotel for a view across the city at sunset. Then take a taxi to  Sage Bistro, a popular restaurant on the slopes and Mt Vitosha, for dinner.


There's still plenty to so after dark in Sofia. Head over to  The Apartment, a funky teahouse that really is a house, and finish the night with the music or a show at the  National Palace of Culture.

Getting Around

Sofia's metro system is new, affordable, and easy to navigate. It's two lines link most areas of the city and crisscrosses through the heart of the historical area.


Much of the downtown is accessible and best explored on foot. There's even a yellow brick road, installed by Bulgaria's last monarchy, that connects much of the historical centre.


Hiring a car is a good option if you want to explore nearby Mt Vitosha or take in dinner outside of the city centre.

But taxi services are also inexpensive and reliable, a 15 minute ride should cost around US$ 6-7.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of Bulgaria, and the World. 

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