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STUDENTS  LAPTOPS  SMARTPHONES  could do more damage to your skin than the  sun, latest research suggests.

Confucius just about got it right : ''Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.''  Just see where the world is heading?

It beams out from the sun's rays, reaching ground level  whether the day is sunny or cloudy. It is also emitted by energy saving light bulbs and gadgets including computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets and flat screens.

Yet what exactly is it?

Blue light is a type of  'high energy''  light that forms part of the visible light spectrum. This is the light that can be detected the human eye enabling us to see different colours.

There are  good and bad  bands of blue light.

Blue-turquoise light  good}  helps us to regulate our  biological clocks  [affecting mood and sleep whereas blue-violet light [bad] can cause damage to the cells in our eyes-

And prolonged exposure has been linked to an increased risk of  age-related mascular degeneration {AMD} a leading cause of sight loss  -according to what has been observed in the U.K.

Unsurprisingly most of us aren't aware of the potential hazards posed by too much exposure to blue-violet light but a new awareness campaign *Think About Your Eyes* aims to address the problem

According to a survey funded by the campaign, the average adult now spends nearly seven hours of their day staring at a screen and more than two thirds of under-24s questioned described themselves as being addicted to their gadgets.

Most of us don't realise that days spent glued to our smartphones and computers followed by evenings on the laptop or in front of the TV could pose a risk to our eyes,'' says optician and  Thiankabout youreyes.co.uk spokesman Andy Hepworth.

''Research tells us that these type of devices all send out a form of potentially harmful blue light which can disrupt sleep, affect our mood and most importantly damage the cells in the eyes, increasing the likelihood of future disease.

Too much exposure to blue light generated by  smartphones and tablets can have an impact on your sleep cycle.

''With our children increasingly hooked on social media or gaming we need to think about protecting the whole family, especially with younger generations set to live longer than ever before.''

AMD affects more than  500,000  people in the U.K., with the early signs appearing in those in their 40s or 50s, although diagnosis may come later.

In its early stages the main symptom is blurred vision and sufferers usually  notice that reading becomes more difficult or colors appear less bright. 

It tends to get worse over time with ''blind spots'' developing in the middle of the visual field resulting in the loss of the central vision.

Lisa Artis of The Sleep Council says blue-violet light can also pay havoc with our sleep patterns. ''Too much exposure to blue light generated by smartphones and tablets can have an impact on your sleep cycle,'' she confirms.

''It disrupts your body's circadian rhythms by suppressing the evening rise of melatonin  which you need to feel sleepy, making it tough to nod off and stay asleep.'' She advises keeping your bedroom free from distractions.

Rather than being a dumping ground, the bedroom should be a haven for calm and relaxation and televisions, computers, tablets, game consoles and mobile phones should be turned off or even banned from the room. 

Getting uninterrupted sleep is vital,'' adds Lisa.''All sorts of health issues from strokes and heart disease to diabetes and obesity stem from poor quality and insufficient sleep. 

''Lack of sleep also affects our mood, concentration and alertness.

And in context of good sleep the conclusion is: 

A gradually growing body of research from all over the world confirms that a comfortable uninterrupted seven or eight hours of sleep each night can relive stress, slow down the ageing process-

Boost your  mood and your physical  and  mental performance as well as a cure of wide range of aches and pains.

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