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*ONE IRREVOCABLE  ONE UNALTERABLE   STATUTE* difference between  *Facebook* - *Snapchat* -  *!WOW!*   is:   

That !WOW!  belongs to every single student in the world: Every scholarship, every revenue, every finance, every conceivable asset, every governance, every execution, every power, every strength.....:

*One Share-Piece-Peace* : And never forget that !WOW! will be overseen by an     *International Committee*.  

*That could very well comprise of  Presidents, like President Obama, President Putin,  Prime Ministers like, David Cameroon, Dr. Mathir Mohammed, Dr Angela Merkel,  and Individuals of Great Merit, Great Distinction, like Prince AlWaleed, O''Captain Imran Khan, Sunil Gavasker, Fareed Zakryia, CNN/NewsWeek.

But your  *Voting Rights*  One Student/One Vote will be strictly governed by many consideration of merit and pre-qualifications, formulated by your own elected members.

*Together We Stand = United We shall Prevail'.

Clear? Clear!      

*SNAPCHAT ROARS AND HOPES*, [as we get to the baseline] ......... its planned flotation in New York will value the  five-year-old  *photo-sharing* app company at about $25 billion and turn it's 26-year-old founder-

Evan Spiegel, into the world's youngest billionaire with a $5.5 billion fortune. Yes, with a $ 5.5 billion fortune.

Just some days ago, it was the most eagerly anticipated technology initial public offering  [IPO]  since Facebook floated in 2012 turning its then 28-year-old founder,  Mark Zuckerberg,  into the world's richest man under 30.

The similarities  between   Snapchat and Facebook  are just striking, and have got many financial analysts and advertising experts asking if:
Snapchat  is  the new Facebook.

Now hear and understand this,  but before I proceed any further, please, just allow me to  infer  and  then  ask:

FROM !WOW!'s  perspective : Things seem and appear to be working like a dream for the Students of the world, and even for  the students of Pakistan, in the latter case despite all the difficulties of life and living......  

Merium,  Rabo, Haleema, Saima, Dee, Aqsa : Well, girls, where the Hell are those great  Pakistani students, you were always crowing about.  on invention? 

Or for that matter, Indian students, or for that matter Malayan students, or for that matter Mongolian students or for that matter the UK students, or for that matter the Indonesian students, or for that matter the Vietnamese Students, or for that matter the North Korean students, or for that matter those other students .........?

Zuckerberg  and  Spigel   hit upon the ideas for their companies at university    -and then very, very quickly dropped out.

Zuckerberg a  computer science  major, began knocking up a a website called   Facemash,  loosely based on   Hot or Not, in his Harvard dorm room. 

The site evolved into  Facebook  but not without a legal challenge from the Winklevoss twins,  who sued  Zuckerberg claiming he stole their ideas.       
Snapchat was born out of banter  between Spiegel  and his  Stanford University  fraternity brothers  Frank Reginald Brown  and Bobby Murphy

In 2011, the trio were discussing  sexting  and the need for a way to send pictures that disappeared. As with  Facebook, the genesis of the idea was disputed, and  Brown sued   Spiegel and the company.

They settled out of court, with Spiegel,  who was studying  product design, and Murphy,  a  mathematics  and   computational science major, remaining majority  shareholders  with 22.4%  stake each.

How many users did they have? 
Facebook had  900 million  users as it is prepared for its 2012 flotation. Since then the  social network has grown to  1.86 billion monthly active users   -more than  *half the world's population*  that has access to the internet.

*About 1.2 billion check their Facebook accounts every day*. Snapchat has far fewer users, the company claims that they are much more engaged than Facebook's.

Snapchat had 158 million daily users at the last count. Two-thirds of them check the app every day  -and the average daily user visits the app 18 times a day,  spending an average of  25-30 minutes a day sending snaps and watching snaps from their friends, celebrities and advertising brands.

Snapchat is only accessible via mobile phone. Snapchat claims to reach 41%  of  all  18 to 34 - year -olds  in the  US each day*.

How much are they worth?
Facebook had a market value of  $373 billion   -more than twice that of IBM. Facebook was valued at $104 billion when it floated at $38 a share on NYSE  on May 18, 2012.

Today the share are are changing hands at $131. Facebook tried to buy Snapchat several times, and  Spiegel  has said  Zuckerberg tried to force him to sell up.

''It was basically like,'' We're going to crush you,'' Spiegel told forbes magazine. Snap's IPO filings show the company is planning to float its shares at a level that would value the company at $20 - 25 billion.

How much control the founders have?
Snapchat's flotation is unusual. the company is not selling any voting shares, so the founders will controversially keep total control of the firm even after raising the public money.

Facebook  has a voting structure that gives the founders far more rights than other shareholders

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