Headline February 05, 2017/ ''' *ALL EYES ON GREAT US* '''


*AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH*.  If, like me,  you don't believe it, ask the Students, Professors, Teachers and the ordinary, average American.

They love America so much, just so very much,  *that about 96 per cent of them never go anywhere else*. And do believe that.

Hey, hey, they have the Grand Canyon,   the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyworld,  Mall of America, the  Freedom Tower   and  Ground Zero.

What is there to find in Europe? Old things. 

In Africa? Nothing but Tropical diseases. 

In Asia>?  Teeming and teeming masses and sweatshops. Why would anyone want to go anywhere  else.  if you,  if you've been to America.

Well, some of you might want to go to Iraq, to Afghanistan and other terribly troubled nations that require Americas tutelage and competence  -in other words, Americans might want to kill'em over there so the Americans don't have to kill'em here.

But the  *Land of the Free*   and   the  *Home of the Brave*  has got it all: 

They've got the tallest buildings, the most nukes, the best athletes in the world,  [except those who are limited to using their feet and heads] and the biggest Armed Forces-

With a budget as big as the  eight next largest  military powers in the world combined.

Students and People brag about French, Italian and Japanese food, what about cheese fries, stuffed crust pizza and the Fatburger XXXL

Hell, most of  the  Students, Professors and Teachers and ordinary average Americans think :  *That God Almighty must be American*

God's Very Own Country, then.

That's why they have all their  own  sort  of creed called  *American Exceptionalism*. the idea goes all the way back to the original British colonists, who believed, ''US shall be city on a hill  -the eyes of all people are upon us.''

ALL OF  THE  Above,then,  with most respectful dedication to President Donald J Trump, Students, Professors and Teachers  of America. But then also to all the refugees and immigrants of the world.  

Soon after senior adviser  Kellyanne  Conway said on some many Sundays ago, that the American administration was issuing  ''alternative facts'' =

George  Orwell;s classic novel   *Nineteen Eighty-Four*  spiked to number one, yes, No 1, on Amazon. Like officials from the  Ministry of Truth-

Conway and  White House  press secretary Sean Spicer doubled down on President Trump's fanciful contention that the inauguration drew the ''largest audience ever'', despite a  Web full of photographic evidence to the contrary.  

The Twittersphere responded with  allusions to  1984,  and   Penguin announced plans for a special  75,000  copy  reprint,  noting that since the inauguration, sales for the novel have increased by  9,500%.

Yes,  9,500 percent.

LEADERS HAVE always tried to manipulate the  truth, of course, and modern politicians of all persuasions want to  ''control the narrative'', but there's something freshly audacious  about the President's assault on basic math, his efforts to assemble from the substance of his vanity hundreds of thousands of fans on the Mall.

Almost  70 years after 1984 was first published, George Orwell suddenly feels  double=plus relevant.

Considering the  New Trumpmatics, it's impossible not to remember Winston Smith,  the hero of  1984, who predicted:
''In the end, the Party would announce that  two and two made Five, and you and the world would have to believe it''.

Orwell's biographer  Gordon Bowker is not at all surprised by the renewed interest.

''The continuing popularity of  Nineteen Eighty Four  is a reminder,'' he said via email, to master researcher Ron Charles   ''of the threat to democracy posed by those with power who proclaim,  ''alternative facts''   and deny objective truths.

Big Brother's pronouncements are treated as  absolute truth   by his acolytes even when they defy rationale thought  -

So Black is White.

2+2 = 5.

War is Peace.

Freedom is Slavery.

Ignorance is Strength.''

Born in 1903,  Orwell lived through  two world  wars and saw the rise of utterly totalitarian regimes on an unprecedented scale.

In a widely quoted letter written in 1944, he decried to  ''the horrors of emotional nationalism  and a tendency to disbelieve in the existence of objective truth.'' 

He went on to explain with rising alarm:

''''Already history has in a sense ceased to exist, i.e that there's no such thing as history of our own times which could be universally accepted, and the exact sciences are hopelessly endangered.''

Now we're being told  that  millions  of  illegal immigrants  kept Trump from winning the popular vote , and that the science behind the climate change is a  Chinese hoax.

*This is ungood*.   .       

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