Headline January 16, 2017/ ''' 5G -*FIVE-GEEE*- 5G '''

''' 5G -*FIVE-GEEE*- 5G '''

I DIDN'T KNOW : BUT THEN  so few knew the fact, that the main building and scaling block of 5G,   *polar coding*  is the invention of a Turkish Scientist. Remarkable work.

IT NOW SEEMS TO ME  -that Chinese Telecom firms  have scored a point in the global race to set standards for    5G,

What does  5G  mean to Students/ consumers?

.- Superfast speed :
Be able to download an  8-gigabit  movie in seconds.

.- Massive Capacity:
Refrigerator, TV, vehicle, and even the bed, can all be connected to the Internet and  ''talk''  to each other, as 5G  allows up to a million connections per sq km.

.- Real time response:
Less than 1 millisecond will be needed for a packet of data  to get from one point to another, making  remote surgeries  autonomous or driving a reality.

.- Easy access:
No difficulty in connecting to mobile network at crowded places such as an outdoor concert.       
China mobile, the world's largest telecom carrier by subscribers   -with just about  845 million subscribers  as of last October   -beat foreign competitors in late November to lead the  5G System Architecture Project which will determine the  structure of 5G networks.''

The move came shortly after  polar coding, a technology backed by Chinese Telecom equipment maker  Huawei, was approved as part of the global standard for 5G.

''The progress highlights Chinese firms rising influence in the Global Telecommunications arena, 

It is a recognition of both their technological prowess as well as their brand influence,'' said Xiang Ligang, CEO of the industry website eetime.com

China is evolving from a follower in  3G era to an active participant that seeks to out compete foreign firms in the  5G era, he added.

The trend dovetails with the rise of  Chinese telecom firms in the international arena.

Huawei emerged as the world's leading telecom equipment maker, whose products and services are exported  to more than  170 countries and regions,  *covering one-third  of the global population*.

The country has also built the world's largest 4G network within two years.
As of October last, China Mobile alone had  497  million  4G  subscribers and its 4G  base stations  exceeded  1.43 million units, both the world's largest.  

Dwelling on these achievements,  Chinese players are now seeking to grow their influence as the world is migrating to new 5G era,  where  unlike previous generations, there will be only one global standard.

In late November,  Sun Tao  of the  China Mobile Research Institute became the sole rapporteur for the  5G System Architecture project, at a meeting held by the   3rd Generation Partnership Project, the international mobile telecommunications standard organization in the United States.  

''The rapporteur means the one who takes charge of the project. Winning the title from a crowd of competitors proves that China Mobile's thinking:

On 5G system architecture design has been well received among the global community,'' said Fu Liang, an independent analyst who has been following the telecom industry for more than a decade.

''The architecture design of the   5G system is just like the structure of housing. It determines the functionality of the whole building.'' he added.

Sun said : China Mobile will responsible for the whole project. We will decide its timeline, organize discussions  on technical specifications and coordinate views of different parties.

The project will release two documents in December, he added, which will form a global standard for  5G  system architecture.

Li Zhengmao, vice-president of China Mobile, said the role ''will give us a leg up in the  5G era, laying a sound foundation for our efforts in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.'' 

Huawei is also expected to have an edge, after popular coding was approved as part of the global standard for  5G  at another meeting held by the  3rd Generation Partnership Project in November.

The technology can help lower chip power consumption and help improve reliability of wireless communications, Huawei said. 

It will better support *cloud computing* , high definition movie streaming, augmented reality and other services that demand  superfast Internet speed.

Though polar coding was developed by a Turkish scientist, Huawei has played a big part in promoting it as part of the  5G  standard. 
It has already conducted a great deal of pioneering research and tests on it: 

Huawei will have the first-mover advantage,'' said Xiang of cctime.com.

But that does not mean the efforts to set a global 5G standard are a zerosum game. Hu Houkun, Huawei's rotating CEO said to the Financial Times:

''I think this is not a fight between different companies, let alone different countries. Rather, it is a process of building consensus in the mobile industry.''    

With respectful dedication to the Scientists, Inventors, Students, Professors and Teachers of Engineering and Technology in the world. 

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