Headline January 09, 2017/ ''' GO GRAB : *272 SCHOLARSHIPS* '''

''' GO GRAB : *272 SCHOLARSHIPS* '''

*DARE TO COMPETE?*  and  *DARE TO CARE?* : ''You students of the World, Professors and Teachers"-

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I TELL YEE ALL, and to all the students of the world, what I have just read, what  *Esteemed Professor Charles Fine*,  President and Dean : ''Asia Business School''  says to the world:

*As world economic growth pivots to Asia,  *MIT Sloan*  has found the ideal opportunity to bring the innovative curriculum world-renowned    MBA 3.0 to the region, merging Asian perspectives with the best in Western business education*.

Thank You, Professor,Sir!  That's just so true!  And  I would venture to say, that in the years ahead, the rise of Asia, and Students, will reshape everything. 

Just see the scholarships. Malaysia and its great students, are all set to compete for leadership and unfurl their entrepreneurial prowess.   

MALAYSIA PETALING JAYA : The Star Education Fund is offering 272 scholarships worth RM13.3 mil during the two day Star Education Fair 2017 this weekend at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Star Education Fund manager Susanna Kuan said this was an increase from the  241 scholarships last year:
''We thank our 29 partners-in-education for their generosity in providing the scholarships to the fund,'' she said.

These scholarships cover a wide range of fields and disciplines, from an entry -level courses to undergraduate programmes, professional studies to vocational training. *They are all bond free*.

Ruan said Quest international University Perak and Oriental Nilam College of Nursing,  which are joining the fund for the first time, were offering scholarships in Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery {MBBS] and Diploma in Nursing respectively.

She said the fund's top four partner institutions, namely Sunway University, Taylor's University, UCSI University Trust and the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus are providing worth more than RM1 mil each.

To be eligible for Star Education Fund Scholarships, Students must be Malaysian citizens and no older than 25 as of Jan 1 for undergraduate courses.

Kuan said that while good grades were important, students need not be straight-A scorers to secure a scholarship.

''The applicant's family background is also taken into consideration, as well as their participation in co-curricular activities.''
''We do look for students who can demonstrate  *leadership* qualities,''  she added 

She explained that every scholarship application was vetted  by representatives from  The Star  and its partner institutions.

Since 1994, the  Star Education Fund  has benefited  3,582 students with scholarships worth RM108.3 mil.

Past scholarships recipients will be present at the Star Education Fund booth on both days of the fair in Hall 3 of the convention centre, and will share their experiences and answer related questions.

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur marketing manager Reuhen Chan Chien Chern will gave a talk titled : ''Are you prepared to Apply for Scholarships After High School.'' 

*Chan will share tips on how to improve one's chances in securing a scholarship*.

Finance Accreditation Agency [FAA}  chief executive officer Khairul Nizam Md Som said getting employees does not depend solely on the graduates' academic results as it largely depends on the various skills they have as well.

Khairul Nizam, who will focus on  ''Future Employment Skills will be highlighting the three broad skills required by graduates and how students could require these skills while they are in universities:

''These skills include project management, English proficiency, and general knowledge,'' he said. 

The World Students Society wishes them every success.

With most respectful dedication to  All the Leaders of Asia, Students, Professors  and Teachers. See Ya all  Your Excellencys'  and Sires, on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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