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These and those  great students of the world, these and those  great students of Pakistan, for setting aside every difference and setting  out to build a Better World.

*In truth, every fair and great leader of the world should, and one day would, recognize the coming together of all the brave and thinking students. So spread the word, in truth and spirit*.

DUTCH RAPPER ALI BUALI  -the great genius must have surprised his share of many, many teachers.

He was raised by a single mother and,  by his own account, spent his entire teen years dealing and smoking marijuana.

*He claims to have stolen  worshipers'  shoes from the local mosque*.

His mother, despairing packed him off to her family in Morocco for ten long months. Mr B credits his grandmother with  straightening him out. It sounds a little too comfortably lie the familiar  hip-hop  tale of rising from the gutter.

But the criminality Mr B describes among the Moroccan youth is real. 

In 2013 nearly  20%  of the ethnic Moroccans between  18 and 25  were suspects in a  crime. That is just about the highest rate of any Dutch ethnic group    -twice as high as those of Turkish descent and nearly five times as high as  white Dutch.    

THE ETHNIC MIX LARGELY stops at the doors of municipal theatre. The crowd for  ''Jesus Ali B''  is overwhelmingly white, with a large contingent of older women.

Leonieke Bos,  who recently retired after a career in Almere's ethnically mixed school system, says:
Rapper Ali Bouli is a  *role model*  for many of the kids she taught. ''You never knew which of them were going to go the wrong way,'' she remembers:

The studious girl would suddenly turn up pregnant, and the boy who dealt drugs would land a very solid job.

Mr B plays on the background to dodge difficult political questions To avoid taking a stand on the controversy over the racism of  Zwarte Piet [a fictional black faced Dutch character who helps St Nicholas deliver seasonal gifts]- he jokes that as a Moroccan-

The only thing that he understands is the feeling of someone entering your house without your knowledge. But his room to finesse such issues is shrinking.

In  ''Jesuis Ali B''  he describes the encountering an angry fan:

''If Wilders says something you never come out with a reaction; if there's a debate about Zwarte Piet you're nowhere to be found. You're always hiding.''

Tears in the Social Fabric then:
Mr B is too smart to get sucked into such political arguments. His greatest strength lies elsewhere: in the power of the Kitsch. Over and over, the rapper has succeeded in getting the white and non-white Dutch audience to cry with each other.

Last May, a song he performed on a TV talk show his relationship with his sons had the entire country weeping.

Across Europe, Liberals  have tried to respond populist fear-mongering over immigration and Islam by deploying statistics and appealing to reason and abstract values.

Mr B's approach is more sophisticated : it recognizes that reason is not enough. To break down the prejudice and fear, you also need emotion.

His empathetic moments have probably done more to promise Dutch acceptance of Muslims than any policy could have achieved.

That is not to say that the battle is being won. 

In ''Jesuis Ali B,'' Mr B jokes that he and Mr. Wilders have a symbiotic relationship :

The more the  P V V   succeeds, the greater the demand for  bridge-builders like himself. 

He must hope this is true. 

The  P V V is polling, just a year ago, at over 25%, its highest level ever.

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