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BRITAIN'S NEW  *POUND 5* NOTE  :   the Bank of England said the polymer bills were stronger, safer and better for the environment.

*One Thing They are not*,  -it turns out is meat free. Wonder who designed it?

To the dismay of vegans and vegetarians across Britain, the Bank of England has confirmed that  tallow  was used in the base of new notes worth about $6.25.

If you were wondering how many people would actually eat a  bank note   -as many did   -the answer appears to be a lot:

In promoting a new note this year, the  Bank of England  said that 5,364 bills had to be replaced because they had been chewed or eaten.

THE WORLD IS CHANGING  -by leaps and bounds. There will be a very great, huge and  ever and growing demand for  beautiful products, yes, *beautifully designed products*.

As the consumers gets more and more discerning, and affluence spreads, Governments, too, needs to adjust, especially in the developing world.

Bureaucratic initiatives like Industrie 4.0 matter less than the basics: top notch broadband infrastructure, the right balance between open data and privacy and decent computer science teaching in schools.

More ambitious ideas might include guidance from great designers, great design students,  reserving designated bits of cities to try out and exhibit great designs for just about everything.

There is no single recipe, but both bureaucrats and industrialists and consumers and design students must grasp one fact: designing and making things is not what it used to be.

THE  ''DESIGN ANATOMY''  project began in 2001, when deconstructed the design of  Lotte Xylitol, a Japanese brand of chewing gum, for an exhibition in Tokyo.

Convinced that most people only think of design in visual or functional terms, Mr. Satoh was determined to give them a fuller understanding of its influence and potential as, in his words-

'' An analytical tool to understand the essential qualities of things all around us.''

The process of  design anatomy  begins when Mr. Satoh's research team secures a manufacturer's agreement allowing them to analyze all of the available information on a product and its history-

Including inspections of laboratories, factories and warehouses, and interviews with people involved in all stages of its development and distribution.

Even the most humdrum elements are included, because Mr, Satoh believes that every stage of a product's evolution has a meaning.

Each design anatomy begins branding and marketing, on the ground that they are the first aspects of a product that most consumers encounter.

The researchers then work backward through manufacturing and development, to sourcing raw materials, before presenting the results.

Mr. Satoh has conducted design anatomies of  50  products since 2001.

Each of the five case studies in the 21_21 Design Sight show   -which is funded by his office,  the manufacturer, the gallery and its founder  -the Issey Miyake Foundation   -focuses on more than 30 aspects of its subjects.

Samples of equipment used in Meiji's factories are displayed beside  selfie-friendly  exhibits, including a  colossal scale models of the Meiji Milk Chocolate bar and  mushroom shaped  Kinoko no Yama cookie.

There are also  surreal touches  like the rows of identical spoons bearing different quantities of yogurt to calculate how many spoonfuls are in each pot,-

And speculative models of Knoko no Yama cookies made for the exhibition to show what they would look like in the shape of different mushrooms.

Mr. Satoh is convinced that, if consumers are better informed about a product's development,  they will make smarter choices and be likelier to appreciate their purchases-

*Reducing the risk of them being discarded irresponsibly*

So, in the future, as companies become less hierarchical and more entrepreneurial, creative, heart throbbing and heart stopping designs are likely to take off and blow like Hurricanes.

Till then,- .

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of Japan. 
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