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AEROBIC FITNESS SHOULD be considered a  *vital sign*, just as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and breathing rates are now-
according to a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association.

The statement points out that fitness can be a better indicator of someone's risk for heart disease and early death than such standard risk factors as smoking, obesity and high blood pressure.

The authors recommend that each of us have our aerobic fitness assessed as part of medical examinations and, if our fitness is on the low side, we should be advised and helped to start exercising.

The authors also suggest that if your physician does not begin to determine your aerobic fitness in the near future, you should do so yourself, using any of the several scientifically validated  online tools.

*Aerobic, or  cardiorespiratory,is a measure of how well your body can deliver oxygen to tissues*. 

Because that process is pervasive and essential within our bodies, it is also a  ''reflection of overall physiological health and function, especially of the cardiovascular system,''  according to the report.

Many past studies have found that relatively low aerobic fitness is linked with a significantly increased risk for heart disease and premature death and that being out of shape may-

In fact, represent a greater risk for developing heart disease than if you have a poor cholesterol profile,  Type 2 diabetes, a history of smoking or a high body mass index.

But in 2013,  when the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology released new guide lines for assessing someone's risk for heart disease, the criteria did not include aerobic fitness as a risk factor.

But the research was compelling enough that the American Heart Association decided to convene an expert scientific advisory group that would gather and analyze all of the available studies.

In effect, the advisory board was asked to decide whether aerobic fitness should become a new vital sign.

Their answer, delivered in the new statement, which was published simultaneously in Circulation and Professional Heart daily, a publication of the National Stroke Association, was a resounding, yes.

The authors concluded that the available science overwhelmingly supported the use of  aerobic fitness as a measure of general and heart health.

Almost as important from a practical standpoint, the authors also determined that newly developed equations and simple calculator's could provide reliable, valid estimates of fitness.

Doctors could use a few keystrokes to estimate someone's fitness, instead of ordering a treadmill test. 

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