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BY THE YEAR 2030,  NIGHT OWLS AND ALL, in a rather  *subdued exuberance*  will boast nothing less than-

Over a  *100,000,000.*  [ One Billion]  students on !WOW!   -the beautiful World Students Society and its Ecosystem-2011. 

And when every student pools 1, JUST ONE  US$,  you will have a  *seed capital of   US$ ONE Billion*. 
Great moment, then, to solidify even more, your *Ecosystem for the future generations*.

The above language maybe too raw, the presentation too frank, the politics too cloudy. But do not mistake this for an old movie.

As a member of the World Students Society, your intelligence is respected by an intricate, thematically thorny world, even as your-

Thirst for visceral excitement is slaked by  *clean and breathless* action sequence. Though you may face special challenges:

.- Moving on to Google Cloud   and 
.- Elections/ by countries wise/ and Globally.

*Welcome to The House of  Commons* :
As !WOW! pays respects to the great Students, Professors and Teachers of Israel, the Philippines, India, Palestine, India and Japan, Vietnam. Cambodia, and all the countries of the world.   

The books that infuse these poems look to the  post-Eliot generation of poets, a generation that found inspiration in literature, indeed, a higher form of life. 

A casual allusion to  Thomas Browne  and sidelong reference to Heidegger and Levi-Strauss set the tone; but Hutchinson can leap in a stanza from a Chaucer to Frederick Douglass or, with music in mind, title a poem ''Sibelius and Marley.''  

Hutchinson's affectionate portraits of local characters have the finesse and generosity of Chauser, and the poems in persona create their voices with an easy command that always eluded Walcott, whose attempts at island patois sound forced.

Hutchinson marks the rhythms of local speech without trying to mimic the voice, say, of the record producer Lee [Scratch} Perry:

the nest of wasps in the heart of Bush Doctor,
consider the nest of locusts in the gut of 
the Black Heart Man,
I put them there, and the others that
vibrate at the Feast of the Passover
when the collie weed
is passed over the roast of fish and 
cornbread. I Upsetter, Django
on the black wax.

This maybe a bit arch, but the spirited aggression is preferable to the studious self-regard of third-generation confessional poetry.

Back home, Hutchinson becomes a Baudelairean flaneur, a tourist in a land more vivid for no longer being his own:

Let the cerement of light, the silent 
covering the bells frozen in the towers, 
a country of tired bays, where rain 
to break the seamless yellow of toil; let 
coffin shaped light balance on the 
compass, the shock and stun, the
sudden brace for a jealous thunder.

The metaphors are elsewhere laid on with a trowel; and too many poems descend into lists that run out of steam long before they're finished.

This is a young man's book, with the expected flaws of excess and over reaching  -before a poet can break the wild horses of invention, he has to capture them. 

Hutchinson's poems are prosy, often not quiet wholes, just fragments of sensibility.

Perhaps the occasional straining for intensity {''I circle half-mad a dead azalea scent that framed my room; I licked anointed oil off a sardine tin''} 
will relax into the giddy accuracy of the best lines here:

''the white detonating curtain, the sea, our sea,''  'a  rusty mule,/ statue frozen in the punishable heat,'' ''God grumbles in his mirrored palace.''

If the voice is sometimes monotonous, the rhetoric often inflated {'they steam chromatic, these Elijahs/ in their cloud wheels, fatherless and man=killing''   -the ''cloud wheels''  are just automobiles},-

Hutchinson has a mature sense of tone and a wary detachment that gives the ordinary the glossy depths of a Vermeer.

In an landscape of younger American poets increasingly shy of language rich with responsibility, increasingly suspicious of Literature, Hutchinson is like fresh air.

''House of  Lords and Commons''is his major press debut  {a 2010 book was released by a small British publisher}. 

*Sometimes it takes an outsider to shake things up*. 

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and...... Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' !WOW! Thrives On Attention '''

Good Night and God Bless

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