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TYPICALLY OF A GREAT UNIVERSITY  -the students of    *Stanford University*  staged many demonstrations to protest against the-

Dismantling of a  *Homeless Group*   in the very heart of Silicone Valley, where people forced out of an  overheating capital market   had been living in recent years.

Two smashing  placards summed up best : *We stand with the jungle*  & *Homeless people matter*.

It's amazing, that anyone could treat the Homeless People like this, and that too in the very heart of the Silicone Valley. !WOW! screams protest in their defense.    

If you pick up your mobile phone, you'll see a lot there that you used to pay for and now comes free or cheap. You have a camera and a flashlight, both of which you used to buy.

News  is free  -no need to buy newspaper. International calls are cheap on Skype. Music  -free or cheap on Spotify.

The device is just one example of the impact of technology and globalization. It's increasingly making more things cheap or free, in manys lowering the cost of living. 

That works on physical goods too  -tech and global manufacturing are why you can buy nice clothes at H&M for way less than similar items cost 20 years ago. 
Technology will only accelerate this trend.

Mike Maples, partner at tech investment company Floodgate, tells me we're heading into an age of abundance, when we'll have access to much more for much less than before. 
We'll live better lives on less money. Which seems quite good.

However, as Moretti's data show, that same dynamic crushes the middle class by killing jobs and shrinking salaries. 

If more stuff is free or cheap, fewer people can earn money making and selling things. 

Instead, when something gets reduced to a cloud-based app, relatively few people can make it and sell it around the planet  -and rake in all the money. 
Consider maps. Lots of companies used to print them, and lots of stores sold them.

Today, there's one consumer company that matters globally: Google, based in Mountain View, California, Google gets all the map money, and most of those map jobs are gone.

For much of the world outside of Silicone Valley, the bad is starting to feel worse than the good. We love our phones and apps and cheap things, but we don't like feeling economically marginalized.

A move like Thiel's against Gawker adds to the sense that an elite few have all the leverage. 

Books like Martin Ford's Rise of the Robots suggest that technology will replace most of our jobs.

President Trump had tapped into  middle-class anxiety about the future. 

So had Bernie Sanders, although someone should have told him he was fighting yesterday's war -the easy capitalist villains going forward aren't going to be on Wall Street but up and down California's 101.

[Sanders later that month drew a 4,000 to a rally in Palo Alto, where housing prices and income inequality are leaving non-millionaires behind].  

If you put all the current trends together, it seems obvious: 

Silicon Valley will become   *the most powerful place on earth*     at the expense of just about everywhere else on earth.

The one thing that might   derail the  Silicon Valley express  would be something like the  Russian Revolution, in which the workers rise up against the autocracy.  
And That doesn't seem imminent, but it's a possibility  

Silicon Valley needs to embrace and counter, or at best it's going to wind up fending off escalating attacks from  governments, activists, and the frustrated masses.  

The industry nightmare would be getting regulated like electricity and telecommunications    -industries that once invented cutting edge technologies but turned into sleepy bureaucracies under government rule.

For decades,  tech movers and shakers  have focused almost solely on developing innovations and building companies.

In the next chapter, they must make certain the rest of the world prospers too, or somewhere down the line  Peter Thiel  might find himself fiddling while......... while things get hot all around him.      

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and......Twitter-!E-WOW! -the Ecosystem 2011:

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