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FOR HIS BOOK  *The New Geography of Jobs*, Enrico Moretti, an economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, crunched economic data and found that-

Counterintuitively in this connected age,  geography  matters a great deal in the technology industry.

''In innovation, a company's success depends on more than just the quality of its workers  -it also depends on the entire ecosystem around it,'' professor Moretti wrote.
'It makes it harder to localize innovation than traditional manufacturing.''

An industry like  steel or shoes  can move to where labor and resources are cheaper. Tech industries need to coalesce in a few places, and  Silicon Valley is the most powerful magnet of them all.

In 2015, the media ogled  ''unicorns''  =private tech companies valued at more than $1 billion. Private valuations got a little crazy. the word bubble surfaced.

Even  Silicon Valley  insiders predicted a  comeuppance. Meeker popped all that bubble babble. 

''There are pockets of Internet company overvaluation. Very few companies will win. Those that do can win big.''

We describe it another way in  *Play Bigger*, the new book that the author co-wrote with three  Silicon Valley  startup advisers.

Our highly networked age has created an environment where one company tends to develop and then dominate a new category of business [as Facebook, Airbnb,  VMware  and many others have done] and win big over time.

*Silicon Valley*   is the best region in the world at generating these category kings, and new ones will become the most valuable companies of the next generation.

It's probably that the coming category kings  will dwarf our Facebooks and Googles.

Artificial Intelligence is a game changing technology, much like   cloud-based apps over the past five years. It will be the basis of inventions we can hardly imagine now.

For example: How about an  AI-driven  tiny drone that learns to buzz around and keeps an eye on a building , totally replacing security guards? Be assured, its' coming.

And  3-D  printing will get good enough so that a company like Nike will no longer make shoes in Asia and ship them back to the U.S.

Instead, it will ''print''  them in a network of thousands of small factories peppered throughout cities and towns   -so you can pick up your ready- made sneakers locally.

Block-chain  -the complex technology behind  *Bitcoin*   is only beginning to remake the financial industry.

Virtual reality  will get good enough to reinvent stuff like tourism,  sports and doctor's office visits. Biotech,  robotics  -an incredibly an array of technology is ready to burst upon us.

The impact will be so dramatic,  Hemant  Taneja of  Global Catalyst Partners tells me  we're heading into a:
''global application rewrite.''

We are about to make take apart a every product and service in the world and put it back together with data.
Artificial Intelligence and all this other new stuff.

Sure, some of the companies that take advantage will come from places that are not Silicon Valley. Much ballyhooed virtual reality startup  *Magic Leap* is in Florida.

Some important financial tech based on blockchain is coming from New York. But Silicon Valley hosts the majorities of the beginning to drive the global application rewrite.

As Mary Meeker said, the few that dominate businesses will win big over time,  all over the world,  making it harder than ever for other places to catch up.

*So let's go back to whether this is good or bad*.

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