Headline November 19, 2016/ ''' *THE BATTLE FOR INDUSTRIAL PLATFORMS* : America vs Germany.


PLATFORMS* : America vs Germany.

IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD  -as I go round and around,  nothing seems to be growing in any meaningful way.

And I would like to be very respectful, as I say that.

The best out of the  *Developing Nations*  cannot compete or match  -even *one -fourth* of  the revenues- of some *single manufacturing companies*. And you all know where, now! 

Wonder what Students :  Merium, Rabo, Halema, Dee, Sarah, Saima, Eman, Haider, Aqsa, Hassaan Masood Reza,  Mustafa, Hussain, Noman, Faizan Masood Reza   -all from Pakistan-    would say to that?  

When are you all going  *to roll-up your sleeves*  and get working, to build Pakistan, your beautifully resourced  country?  Student Zain Tariq Hameed, Ibrahim Imran Basit? Care to answer?

Occasional spikes of activities  - media, and print full of of stories that nobody seems to care about or take seriously.

In very general  *vision-sweep*  the world by and large is heading into an age of abundance,   when we'll have access to much more for much less. 

But having said that, I must also underline and emphasize that *Tech* too, is one of the few economic sectors growing in any meaningful way anywhere in the world

{With company valuations in Billion of Dollars}:

.- Apple 600.
.- Google 500
.- Microsoft 430
.- Amazon 295.
,- Facebook 294.

And in modern and present Germany, many employees, too, are not ready for the  digital world........

AT GERMAN UNIVERSITIES  -computer scientists  are trained much like engineers, meaning they are focused on precision, explains Clemens Westerkamp of the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabruck.

This mindset, he says, is a big advantage when building highly reliable systems, which are required in many industries.

But this is a drawback  in the world of  software and data, where quick-thinking and risk taking are more important.

''The battle for industrial platforms will be a fight between German precision and American speed,'' says Mr. Westerkamp*

The engineering background of many managers in Germany, also explains why they focus more on incremental improvements than on making drastic gains in their products'  functionality and ease of use.

''Germans are really good at reducing the  *Spaltmass*  the clearance between the parts of a car's body,'' says Christoph Keese, who was one of the Springer executives-

Who spent a few months in Silicon Valley and has written an influential book about the experience.

But the user interfaces for German products are a different matter. They are often so complex, says Mr. Keese, that the word that appears most often on their displays is:
'' Anwenderfehler......{ ''user error'' }

Compare  Silicon Valley and Germany's equivalent for industrial firms, the region around Stuggart, and the cultural differences are clear.

Google's campus in Mountain View offers about  30  different canteens with free food and generous opening hours.

Visitors can see some self-driving cars, but the scenery is dominated by bicycles in primary colours which employees use to pedal between many buildings.

At Bosch in Gerlingen, employees all stream into a huge, centralised corporate cafeteria at lunchtime. And the most striking vehicles are green self-driving lawn mowers that keep the grass around the firm's office block in perfect trim.

Yet it would be unfair not to mention the  ''Bosch Start-up Platform'' which the firm has recently set up in Ludwigsburg, a short drive away. It has already incubated a handful of firms.

One has developed a wireless sensor to improve asparagus yields, another build agricultural robots that kills weeds.

Germany's manufacturer's are clearly changing. The question is whether they can do so fast enough.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the Pakistan. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nepal,  Iran, Siri-Lanka, Yemen, Syria,  Myanmar, the entire African cluster, and the Developing World.

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