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That's Ernest Hemingway for you. And that's what I saw and experienced very first hand.  

In the under-developed world, in the developing world,  -so full of rife, divisions, illiteracy, malpractices, gross injustices, disease, poverty, hopelessness, and  helplessness, Julian Assange stood up as a force for good and greatness.

!WOW!  -the World Students Society, has the honour to contact him and invite him to its Ecosystem. Just as it has,  even a greater honour to name a module for his splendid work, in the service of mankind.   

PRESIDENT VLADMIR V. PUTIN  -has taken up Mr. Assange's cause on several important occasions. 
*He has called the charges against Mr, Assange ''politically motivated''. 

Julian Assange has always insisted : '' I am WikiLeaks,'' and it seems truer now than ever, ever before.
Four Years, into his time at the Ecuadorian Embassy, he is increasingly isolated. 

Now 45, he lives in two small rooms; an office equipped with a bed, sunlamp, phone, computer, Kitchenette, shower, treadmill and book shelves, and a conference room-

Where he can meet with visitors and oversee the operations with the help of a few dozen employees, mostly in Berlin.

Mclinda Taylor, one of Mr. Assange's lawyers, said that he needed dental work and a magnetic resonance imaging scan for a painful shoulder, but that those procedures could not be done inside the embassy for practical and insurance reasons.

He also has a vitamin D deficiency from a lack of sunlight, she said, and ''severe depression  exacerbated''  by his legal travails.
And public spats with  would-be-allies  are not uncommon.

One involves, Mr. Assange's insistence that document troves should be published in their entirety, not curated by journalists who might have agendas.

In his interview with  The Times on Wednesday, Mr. Assange criticized the Panama Papers consortium for not making all the documents in its possession public, calling it censorship:

''It is not Wikileaks model, he said. ''In fact, it is the anti-WikiLeaks model.''

WikiLeaks did collaborate with journalists on the war logs and diplomatic cables. But Mr. Assanges decision to abandon that approach in the name of total transparency is what led Mr. Snowden to work with Mr. Greenwald and another journalist on the N.S.A. revelations.

Mr. Snowden felt openness should be balanced with concern for people's privacy and safety.

After the release of the  Democratic Party documents this summer, Mr. Snowden criticized WikiLeaks on Twitter for not having redacting the Social Security numbers and credit card information of private individuals named in the trove.

WikiLeaks shot back on Twitter :  ''Opportunism won't earn you a pardon from Clinton & curation is not censorship of ruling party cash flows.''
Mr. Greenwald said of Mr. Assange, '' He's alienated a lot of people.''

''It's often hard for me to separate personal views of Julian with my view of WikiLeaks,'' he added, ''I do think on balance WikiLeaks is a force for good.''

In February, Mr. Assange received legal news that he hoped would be a gamechanger. the United Nation Working Group on Arbitrary Detention ruled that he was being arbitrarily detained and should be released freely and with compensation for the violation of his rights.

But the opinion was nonbinding and has been rejected by the Swedish and British courts.

''The U.S. and the West will hold out a U.N. group decision when it is in their favor,'' said Jennifer Robinson one of his lawyers. ''But when it is about Julian Assange, they criticize and undermine.'' 

A few weeks ago came a possible breakthrough: an agreement for Swedish prosecutors to question Mr. Assange about the rape allegations. 

But Ms. Taylor said that even the Swedes declined to prosecute, Mr Assange still feared being held by Britain on bail jumping charges-

And turned over to the United States, where an investigation into his leak activities remain open. 
''The uncertainty gets to him,'' she said 
What really lifts his spirits is publishing new leaks like the Democrats' files. ''The work keeps him going,'' said his colleague, Ms.Harrison.

!WOW!  -the World Students Society -that is the total and exclusive ownership of every single student in the world, wishes him the very best.

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