Headline September 30, 2016/ ''' *COMPUTERS* -JOBS- CUMMERBANDS* '''



*THE MOST IMPORTANT THING about technology is how it changes people.''. Yes!...... Jaron Lanier has a huge point. 

IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD  -SAY, Pakistan, job seeking students just about  -hang loose, As They enter and  stare the  *cul-de-sac*.

In one very  typical  District Session Court, here, in Pakistan, I politely suggest to the President of Bar Association : ''Why don't you upgrade your environment? 

Why don't you hire tech students and set up a tech hub?  The *tech hub* could handle all your information needs. Inclusive  of those of your clients. It would streamline all your court life.

The tech hub could most easily become your legal  world's Flagship solution. You could even tackle everything online. Your practices could lead the way.

*ANd, and, AND,   Over and Above ......  over 85,000  tech students could find a meaning and purpose to their survival and  life?

Give it a  !Naya Aghaaz!   [an urdu word for a great beginning].

A Detail-Oriented Working Style:
Paying attention to the details is essential for the successful completion of a work order. Although resolving a problem to the satisfaction of the user is necessary, it's not a sufficient condition for work order to be considered complete.

For instance, in the previous example, the tech still needs to determine the cause of the problem, fix it, document it, and restore the user to his usual status.

The longer the tech takes to do this, the more problems could arise. Paying attention to the details helps ensure a consistent, secure, and reliable computing environment.

The Ability And Willingness To Communicate:
In many organizations, the support tech is the most visible member of the IT department, in daily contact with the end-user. In this role as the representative of the IT function and as-

Intermediary between and end user, effective communication is critical, the support tech basically has  to serve as a Babel Fish, translating between Tech-ese and Human.

The tech must learn to listen to users, acknowledge the reality of their problem, translate their descriptions into technical terms, fix the problems and, and explain the solution in terms the users can understand.

The Willingness To Share Knowledge  With Team Members, Superiors, And Users:
One specific aspect of the support tech's communications skills is a willingness to share knowledge.

Some employees attempt to attain job security through the possession of unique knowledge. 

This is misguided, as most employers are aware of the vulnerability this creates and will seek to rid themselves of such employees.

The willingness to share knowledge is an essential part of being a team member. Most support techs work under great pressure, with little time for research or training, so they often depend upon other team members for the advancement of their knowledge.

In addition to sharing knowledge with peers, techs should be willing to educate their users. 

Training users to make effective use of their applications and peripherals and teaching them to accurately report computer problems will help reduce users downtime and speed problem resolution. 

Controlling The Uncontrollable:
Mobile devices are everywhere in the enterprise today, with many more devices on the way as  companies embrace  the   mobile work world   -the modern standard.

A Humble Attitude About Knowledge Limitations:
Techs should recognize that they'll  never know everything about an issue - - the key is to know where to look for information and resources and to be willing to ask for help when they need it.

They must be prepared to read manuals and take correction from other. It takes certain humility to crack open a manual, go to colleague for a solution-

Or press [F1].

And as I sum up this part of the Headline, T. Pratchett, comes storming into mind to knock some sense into me:

''Real Stupidity beats artificial intelligence.''  In my case, well, let me say and add,  hands down: ''Real Stupidity beats artificial intelligence, Hands Down!''

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