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*THE BACKLOG OF UNEMPLOYED STUDENTS*  -in the developing world, and as a matter of fact, in most countries of the world is overwhelming.

''The Leaders, and most specifically the Corporate World''.  must stop and respond to this critical  *life and survival issue*. that governs hundreds and thousands of students.  Lest-

Lest a great generation turns into hobos and drifters.  That would be a tragedy of the first magnitude. And if history is any guide, *no leader, no society,  can survive such a vulnerability*.  

 THE JOB DESCRIPTION  might specify a set of responsibilities such as: *Installs, tests and maintains PC and  network hardware and software systems.* but...

The qualities required for excelling as a support tech go way beyond the ability to perform particular tasks. See if you agree that these attributes are the real measure of a good candidate for a support tech position.

Take a look at a typical tech job description and you'll find a list of fairly standard skills and responsibilities: Installs. tests, and maintains PC and networks hardware and software systems-

Establishes and maintains a part inventory for personal computers, produces support documentation.....and so on. But being a successful support tech requires more than the ability to perform a diagnostic test or image a workstation.

It requires the proper appropriate attitude and aptitude. And while skills and knowledge can be taught, aptitude and attitude cannot   -they have to be selected for when the tech is hired.   

The following is a list of traits  that support the attitude /  aptitude side of the equation:

Respect For All Users. Team, Members And Superiors -Even When It Is Not Reciprocated:
Showing respect is an acknowledgment of another person's value and knowledge, an essential quality of a support tech. If the users don't believe that the support tech takes their problems seriously, they'll be less willing to communicate and they'll lose confidence in the tech, in their equipment, and the IT department as a whole.

It's particularly important for the support tech to have  sufficient composure to remain respectful even when on the receiving end of verbal abuse from an angry, stressed and frustrated user. 

Although the user's problem may seem trivial  from the tech's perspective, all that really counts is the user's perception of the problem, and that's what tech needs to address.

Being self-disciplined affects several aspects of the support tech's job, such as setting and adhering to a schedule, reliably meeting deadlines, delivering resolutions to the end-users on or before the promised date/time and sticking with the task until it's complete.

Self-discipline goes hand-in-hand  with respecting users, by making the deadlines a priority, the support tech is demonstrating respect for the user's time. Self-disciplined support techs are more reliable, dependable. punctual and able to handle more responsibility than their less-disciplined counterparts.

The Ability To Effectively Prioritize Tasks:
If support techs are given any degree of control over scheduling their time, they must be able to prioritize their tasks. Effective prioritizing requires the support tech to have detailed knowledge of each employee's role in the organization-  

A thorough understanding of the nature of the business, and a firm grasp of the business priorities. The rank and/or job function of the employee requesting assistance should usually figure as a major factor in prioritizing assignments.

Assuming that the environment is conducive to their doing so, support techs should do everything within their power to learn the business so they can gain the knowledge necessary for effective prioritizing.

Dedication And Commitment To Problem Resolution:
The tech must be committed to seeing the problem through to resolution, which occurs only when the user is satisfied that the problem has been resolved  -and when the solution is permanent and conforms to company policy.

Consider the following example: A user reports that he can't run a recently installed application. As a step in diagnosing the cause of the problem, the tech elevates the user from restricted to full administrative access to his machine.

The user can run the  application, but the work order is not complete, as the company policy requires the user to have restricted access. The user is under tremendous pressure to ship an urgent order, so the tech decides to allow him to finish processing the order with administrative privilege.

If the tech is not committed to complete problem resolution, it would be easy to simply close the work order and move on, violating the company security policy.

Support techs must be both willing and capable of following all the steps in a procedure even in a crisis situation, pursuing loose ends when necessary.    
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