Headline September 26, 2016/ ''' *PARDON SNOWDEN* '''


PRESIDENT BARRACK H OBAMA*    -to pardon and  bring Mr. Edward J Snowden home with great honour and safety:

!WOW!  leads the applause,  -the deafening applause for Mr. Edward J. Snowden, who espoused the great values of America, and stood tall, to help build a better world.

Yet President Obama and the candidates to succeed him have emphasized not Mr. Snowden's public service but the importance of prosecuting him. Hillary Clinton has said that Mr. Snowden shouldn't be brought home, ''without facing the music''.

Donald J. Trump has said, ''I think he's a total traitor and I would deal with him harshly.''

At the  World Students Society, the  Samurai and I. daily struggle with the *Politics of Meaning* :Meaning comes to emancipate us. 

'The absolute absence of meaning can cause madness. But what kind of meaning can turn out to be our liberator? 

''Change is never a bad thing. If the world sticks to the truth, it will will win back what it needs the most. People's trust.'' 

*From George Washington onward, the pardon power has enabled American Presidents to further the national interest and many, many times mankind's interest.

The enormous value of Mr. Snowden's revelations is just so very clear. What exactly was their harm?

Scant evidence has been provided for many officials' ominous statements. Some officials have warned that the  terrorism-related  activity of certain groups has become harder to monitor-

But the most dangerous adversaries have always taken precautions against surveillance, with at least one independent study showing little impact from the Snowden revelations.

What has changed is that since the staggering extent of government surveillance became known,  the public has sought greater privacy, and corporations have begun to provide it on widely used platforms.

No doubt,  among the millions of users of encrypted technologies  there are a few who hide criminal activity. 

*But the rest of us just want our privacy back*.

Since the  United States  cancelled his passport, stranding him in the Moscow airport-
*Mr. Snowden has continued to demonstrate the principle that led him to disclose the  profoundly disturbing  facts about the surveillance overreach*.

He is the head of human rights group, the freedom of the Press Foundation; he's developing technology to protect journalists in dangerous zones around the world from life-threatening surveillance-

And he has frequently criticised the  human rights and technology policies of Russia,   the only country that stands between him and a  high security prison in the United States.

*Whistle-blowers can perform a vital role in protecting human rights, and those who disclose  rights violations  that are shielded by an official cloak of secrecy are among the most important of all*.

As Mr. Snowden put it :

If '' People reporting wrongdoing of the most serious nature have to basically stand up and light  themselves on fire,  we are  quickly going to find ourselves out of volunteers the very moment society needs them the most.''

In his biography on Twitter,  Mr. Snowden says:
''I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public.'' 

That should not be something that gets you locked up for a lifetime or compels you to live in exile. 

The President of the United States Barrack H Obama has an opportunity to correct that injustice.

It's time to pardon Mr. Snowden and  bring him back to the United States, not to face the music but work for the privacy and security of mankind 

To sum, but feeling somewhat  incomplete, I once again revert to philosophy  and the  Politics of Meaning:

The urge for meaning is the strongest one. We have been feeling it since the earliest periods of civilization. The creation of mythology was the first collective attempt to search and grab meaning.

By resolving the mysteries of Life  and  the Universe, our ancestors would find meaning. From then onwards, religion, philosophy and literature have proved to be a source of quenching the thirst for a meaning.

We have seized to experience mysteries like our ancestors, but new kinds of riddles have come to puzzle us. Instead of metaphysical symbolism, we now experience social allegories of modern world conundrums.

The urge for meaning operates unconsciously. So we are compelled to solve riddles and unravel the meaning of allegories.

We`have to persistently make sense of all that concerns in one or other way. 

*We desperately desire meaning. We desire meaning mainly because we can't afford chaos. Chaos created by things that happen in reality or in our imagination, but stay unresolved. 

We can bear the state of meaninglessness but feel helpless while swallowing chaos. Meaninglessness might be regarded as a kind of meaning unfamiliar to us.

Strangely enough, the state of meaninglessness can be meaningfully gestured or expressed in words.

As soon as an absurd or purposeless state is given an appropriate expression, it becomes significant. A meaningful, well-articulated expression has a magical effect.

With respectful dedication to Mr. Edward J. Snowden, Students, Professors and  Teachers of the world.  See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter- !E-WOW!  -the ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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