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PRIME MINISTER JUSTIN TRUDEAU'S  popular support maybe without precedent in Canadian history,  said Norman Hillmer, a professor of history and international relations at  Carleton University  in Ottawa.

And it bear repeating : ''He really is the one carrying everything right now,'' said Alex Marland, an associate professor of political science at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

''My sense is that he is trying to move away from being known as the selfie prime minister,'' Professor Marland said:

''The risk is that you become seen as nothing more than a celebrity if people are to think of him as someone who is intelligent and thoughtful, he's going to have to keep coming up with new things.''

But even so,  Professor Hillmer said, the prime minister may soon find himself surrounded by his habit of making explicit promises    -something his father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, usually avoided doing when he was prime minister in 1960s,  70s and '80s.

''Expectations may have been ramped up so high that disappointment is sure to come,'' ProfessorHillmer said. ''Maybe now is that time, they've picked the low-hanging fruit.''

As his tenure continues, Mr. Trudeau will have to sort out some conflicting promises and deal with issues where there is no clear national consensus.

He has said  that   *climate change will be a top priority*   but he has also promised to help country's economically vital  oil and gas industry  - a major and growing source of carbon emissions  -out of its current slump.

Passions on the climate issue run high: The country's National Energy Board  was forced in August to suspend hearings on a pipeline to carry oil from Alberta's oil sands to the Atlantic Ocean after a melee in in Montreal in which police wrestled protesters to the ground.  

Relations with aboriginal Canadians, which reached a new low under the previous Conservative government, immediately improved under Mr. Trudeau.

But it is probably beyond any government's power to resolve all that community's problems and grievances in a handful of years, when some of them conflict sharply with the views of other Canadians.

But while there appears to be broad public support for Mr. Trudeau's plans to revive the economy through government spending, it will be difficult to find a lasting way to revitalize key sectors, particularly manufacturing.

Still, no one thinks the country will soon turn against the popular new prime minister.

The government scandals that have surface on his watch so far have been relatively paltry,  *like the flap over a $400 expense claim*    by the health minister to pay for access to Air Canada's airport lounge.

''The government is about to spend  $1, 486, 680, 000   on buses and subways, and on studies about buses and subways,  and the controversy of the day is about an amount of money equivalent to  0.0007 percent of that massive total?''

The Globe and Mail, a Toronto newspaper, asked in an editorial : ''Have we lost our minds?''

And the opposition remains in disarray and without clear leadership. Mr. Harper of the  Conservatives has quit  politics, and the new Democrats have rejected the leadership of Tom Mulcair.

No strong candidates have emerged to succeed either of them.

Before last year's elections, Some on the left suggested that the Liberal and New Democratic Parties should merge and fight the  Tories  together.

Professor Marland  of Memorial University  said voters may have gone ahead and done the job for them: Polling data indicated that most of theLiberal's gains came at the  Democrat's expense, he said, while the core of Conservative support remained stable.

''It's the N.D.P. that's really kind of fallen through the floor,'' he said. ''It almost seems in some ways that Justin Trudeau has united the left.''

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