Headline September 18, 2016/ ''' BUZZFEED.. -*Video-Centric Era*- ..BAILIWICK '''


-*Video-Centric Era*- ..BAILIWICK '''

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Mr. Jonah H Peretti,  -the founder and chief executive of BuzzFeed is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab and co-founder of- *The Huffington Post*

Mr Peretti started  BuzzFeed in 2006 as a kind of laboratory for shareable content. Not until late 2011 did  BuzzFeed  began building its news side when it announced it had hired Mr.Smith, a star political reporter at Politico.................

''So, If you were being positive,''  said Emily Bell,   the director of Tow center for  Digital Journalism at Columbia-    of BuzzFeed's reorganization-
''you might say perhaps they're going to find a way to make  *news sustainable* in the long term. When you start enumerating what's very positive about it, you can also see that isn't necessarily an out-an-out piece of good news.''

Ms Bell added, ''What that underlines in a way is what everybody else is experiencing, which is that  high-quality  news can make money, but it's a real struggle.''

Kenneth Lever, BuzzFeed's executive chairman, dismissed the idea that BuzzFeed was moving away from news. ''We're completely  100 percent committed to news as much now as ever,'' he said.

Interviews with nearly a dozen current and former Buzzfeed employees including Mr. Peretti, Mr. Smith and Mr. Frank, also reveal deeper reasons for the reorganization, including resource allocation, clarity of reporting lines and an under current of tension between Mr. Frank and Mr. Smith.

As BuzzFeed News began producing more video, it largely had to rely on Mr. Frank's team for resources, an arrangement that at times caused friction.

In a telephonic interview, Mr. Smith, asked about his relationship with Mr. Frank, said: ''My main relationship with Ze is, I wish he was as  -i am trying to think of the right word for it that isn't pejorative  -I think he's built the most successful digital studio ever, easily, by far.'' 

Mr. Frank, in an interview in a conference room at Buzzfeed's office one recent Tuesday, said of Mr. Smith: ''I love him.'' 
He added, ''I consider  Ben to be a sort of genius in a space that I don't totally understand.''

Mr. Peretti acknowledged that tension existed, but said it was inevitable at a growing media company. I think that people will sometimes think things are personal rather organizational,'' he said.

Mr. Peretti, said he thought that there was a period when ''the team in L.A. which was the team that was making all the video, felt that they were part of the cool new thing.''

Some employees, including Mr. Peretti, acknowledged there was tension between Tasty, the successful cooking channel overseen by Mr. Frank, and BuzzFeed Food, which was introduced in 2012 and ran under Mr.Smith's oversight.

With the overhaul, Mr. Smith will gain his own news video team, run by one of Mr, Frank's proteges, Henry Goldman.
''There are logistical things that I think this will resolve,'' Mark Schoofs, the investigations and project editor, said. 

One factor in any perceived strain of BuzzFeed is the company's rapid growth, executives said. It now has more than  `1300 employees.

Still, several current and former employees said some responsibilities across the company were not clearly defined, and there were complaints that salaries were inconsistent. 

The company hired a compensation consultant, and many employees on the news and editorial side recently received raises.

BuzzFeed has framed the reorganization as an investment in the news division. Mr. Smith said that the company was  ''doubling down on news''  and that he intended to  ''stick around as long as they'll let me''.

The company is expanding its newsroom at its new offices near  Union Square, where construction signs abound and metal gates cordon off the area.

Elsewhere in the building cat images are posted to the walls. Conference rooms are named after  emojis and Internet memes, suggesting that even as BuzzFeed takes stock of its future, it is still very much devoted to the things that made it BuzzFeed from the beginning.  

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