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*FEW PEOPLE THINK more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week,* delights George Bernard Shaw.

This great insight and quote is a respectfully dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of Pakistan, the first historic conceptual host of the World Students Society. 

So, incontinuation............
IT BEARS REPEATING - that a quarter of century has passed since March 1991,  -when the outstanding Japanese economy-

Plunged into a recession triggered by the bursting of the of the  bubble boom. 

The economy has since been effectively at a standstill, with the annual average growth of  gross domestic growth standing at a mere 0.9% in real terms. Yet we are now enjoying a far more convenient and comfortable lifestyle compared with the past, states the distinguished writer,Takamatsu 
Sawa. And continues..................

Big strides made by  information and communications technology  [ICT] are the primary cause of our lifestyles becoming more convenient and comfortable over the past quarter century.

In addition to making the Internet easier to use, ICT  has also contributed greatly to progress in medical science during the past 25 years. 

Significant advances have been made in such areas as endoscopy and cataract surgery.

During the 1990s,  Japan's electronic industry made a great contribution to the nation's economic growth as automakers.

In the later half of that decade. the electronics sector alone had a trade surplus close to  Yen 10 trillion  a year. After the turn of the century, however, it started showing signs of decline and its trade balance turned into the red.

In 2013, Statistics for that year showed that electronics components and and devices scored a trade surplus of  Yen 2.9 trillion, but trade in finished electronics products incurred a deficit of  Yen 3.7 trillion.

When the  ICT  revolution was still in its infancy,  Japan effectively dominated the the  global electronics industry, which appeared to auger well for the economy. 

However, the situation ended up taking a completely different direction.     

Facing increasingly tough competition from Apple Inc. of the U.S, and Samsung Electronics from South Korea,  Japanese manufacturers were forced to withdraw from the global market for  tablets and smartphones.

And over the past two or three years,  Apple and Samsung  have been losing steam and are being chased by  Huawei  Technologies Co and Axiaomi Inc, both of China.

It would be  no exaggeration   to say that the main culprit of Japan's economic doldrums during the past quarter century is the stagnation of its electronic equipment manufacturers

At present,  the auto industry continues to drive the economy. But we need to beware of the risk of  *complacency*

If, for example, Google takes the lead in developing the basic software for autonomous  self-driving  cars, the auto industry could face the same fate that befell the electronics sector. True! 

But in the passing and summing up, I have the following observation to make by quoting Miko Isetan, Tokyo, -who wrote to Forbes Asia.

Where are the Japanese women?

''I am perplexed and shocked to find that none of our Japanese women have been been featured in your: ''Women to Watch in Asia''. 

You have two each from Malaysia  [quite unexpected], China, South Korea, and India. Most seem to be well connected to the rich or powerful.

Traditionally,  we Japanese, especially women, tend to keep a low profile. A good number of capable females prefer to serve under their male counterparts instead of projecting their own images.

This may be one of the main reasons why they are less known in our country, let alone overseas.''

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