August becomes 11th consecutive record-breakingly warm month

Last month saw heat records shattered once again as it became the hottest August ever recorded.

Global average temperatures in August stood at 1.76 degrees Fahrenheit above average as it tied the recent July as the warmest month ever recorded since record-keeping began in 1880.

“We are well on our way to the warmest year recorded,” the Union of Concerned Scientists wrote in an email to The Huffington Post this week.

Its not only the trend of recent months as 2014 and then 2015 have earlier been recorded as the hottest years.

“While there may be a tendency to be complacent about the recurring record temperatures, with each month come more climate-related consequences that cannot be ignored,” wrote UCS climate scientist Astrid Caldas in a blog post.

“We are feeling climate change impacts right here, right now,” Caldas continued. “From wildfires and droughts to devastating floods, climate change fingerprint is all around us and does play a role in making events more extreme. An example are this summer’s floods in Louisiana, caused by intense rains which were “at least 40 percent more likely to happen because of climate change,” according to research.

Data from NASA shows that average global temperature has risen about 1.4 degrees F since the late 19th century.


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