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For her audience, which consists mostly of  20 -to- 30 somethings in coastal cities,  the Shanghai born Ms. Jiang offers, a fresh, urban perspective rarely seen in Chinese comedy

''Before you had popular stand-up comedians like  Zhao Benshan,  but it was often a very rural type of humor with jokes about things like plowing fields and eating leeks,'' said Ms. Yu, the online community app executive.

She  added : ''Papi's appeal, on the other hand, is with white-collar workers who want to talk about how they're 39 years old and not married yet and what should they do.''

As Ms. Jiang's popularity skyrocketed,  Internet companies and investors began to take notice.

In recent years, since the government began cracking down on pirated content and, especially since 2012,  imported content, companies have been thirsty for  high-quality  original material made locally.

Against that background,  Ms. Jiang's appeal as someone who writes, shouts and edits her own videos is obvious. 

In March,  she became one of the first  viral Chinese  stars to attract venture capital, when a group of four major international investors announced an initial investment in her company of $1.15 million.

''In its current form, the market has only seen a succession of  short-lived online celebrities,''  one of those investors , Lao Zhenyu, the founder and host of a popular  online  talk show,  told the Chinese online publication The Paper:

'' We're looking at a person who has unlimited potential to transform this market, and bring a whole new business logic.''

Having secured the investment, Ms. Jiang and her business partners are now focused on building up  PapiTube , a content platform through which they have begun to support and develop other young content creators in China.

They may face difficulties. In April. China's  top broadcast  regulator ordered Ms. Jiang to clean up the occasional foul language in her videos, forcing her to temporarily take down most of them.

That was widely seen as message from the government asserting control over online celebrities.

But it apparently did not diminish her appeal.

Just days after she was called out by the censors, she auctioned off an advertisement in one of her videos for $3.3 million to a Shanghai online makeup retailer.

[She has said that she plans to donate the proceeds to the central Academy of Drama].

With so much at stake, the big question is whether she can continue to produce high-quality material.  Although she releases  new videos every week, it seems she is still getting accustomed to her celebrity status.

Asked in a Sina interview in June why she did not make an appearance on the day of auction, she said only:

''Nervous''.  .

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