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SINGAPORE CORRECTLY BOASTS  - one of the highest living standards in the world. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the region and-

Offers the most Western of Asian experiences- It is one of the world's flattest islands, with the highest point being the forested Buket Timah

In 1959,  Singapore was granted internal, self-government by the British. Lee Kuan Yew  was its first prime minister. In 1963 Singapore united with Malaya, Sarawak and Sabah to form  Malaysia, but- on August 9,  1965, it separated from the federation to become an independent state. 

The Chinese, Malay, Peranakans  [Singaporeans of mixed Chinese and Malay marriages] Tamils from Singapore's 3.25 million population, of which the bulk are Chinese, while the rest of the  2.2 million people  -of a total of around 5.2 million   -are immigrants from the world over, making a truly cosmopolitan society.

A Foodie's paradise: It  is not only the diversity of the people but also the variety of food available in Singapore that a food lover like me is truly attracted to.

Let me begin with my favorite drink, subscribes the research author,   teh tarik   -foamy at the top .It's a mixture of black tea, condensed milk and the skill of 'pulling'  the tea, pouring it back and forth in two vessels.

The  carrot cake,   a must-have has  no carrots. It's a stir fried and slightly charred savoury dish made of white radish, eggs and rice flour.

Then there's the  tofu salad called   tauhu goreng;  crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, served on a bed of boiled bean sprouts with a tasty sauce of tamarind, dark soya sauce, ground peanuts, and chilli drizzled over it.

Laksa, a rich and spicy noodle soup, added with quail's eggs, tiger prawns and scallops is, is to die for. However,  the chili crab  [red chili or black pepper crab], considered to be  Singapore's national dish   is served with the hard shell and the crab's sweet, succulent meat covered with thick, spicy gravy.

All this and much more can be savoured in the ubiquitous air-conditioned food courts or the open-air hawker centres. 

Singaporeans navigate these at rush hours by making sure they 'chop' a table before ordering food. This means simply to leave a packet of tissue on the table and its reserve for you.   

It's a small world after all,...There are  China Town  and   Little India in Singapore,  also an  Arab Quarter. China Town has Churches, an old Hindu Temple, a  Jama Mosque  and a Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. The stall sell the usual kitsch from China but its food streets are packed with customers. 

As a South Asian it is also nice to  stroll along  Sarangoon Road.....the main road for  Little India, and browse in the shops selling saris, bangles, incense, handicrafts and jewellery.

Little India also offers a variety of  Indian and Pakistani food.  There is a large store called  Mustafa Centre  that has every imaginable item under one roof, but it is quiet a clutter.

When you enter the  Arab Quarter, you see not only quirky boutiques and cafes but also the golden domes of Sultan Mosque. This is a conservation quarter of the city and retains its  ''old world''  atmosphere.

There is a grid of narrow streets, fronted by attractive  'shop houses'  a local term that quite obviously means a shop downstairs and the living quarters above  

One can find  Javanese batiks, checked lungis, carpets, rattan and leather ware  here, and a variety of eating places with  shisha-smoking  men and women in the coffee shops.

However, it is  Orchard Road which is to Singapore what  Oxford Street is to London and  Fifth Avenue  to New York. It is lined with malls and hotels and tall trees,  and pedestrians zigzag from one mall to another.

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