Headline August 07, 2016/ ''' *LAP-TOPS* . -of- . LONE-WOLVES '''

''' *LAP-TOPS* . -of- . LONE-WOLVES '''

ASPIRING TERRORISTS OFTEN  draw inspiration from militant content shared on ever present   social media  warns one great expert.

TRUE so very true. But before I proceed any further a little definition, of what truly makes a  Lone Wolf   may just be in order. 

*A LONE WOLF TERRORIST is one who commits  violent acts in support of a group, a  movement, or an ideology, but does so alone, outside of any direct command structure and without material assistance from any group*.

Counter terrorism experts always miss a  heartbeat  when it comes to what to do with  lone wolves, because in the age of explosive content, bombings and killings are often birthed through  the  midwife of social media.

Organisations such as the militant Islamic State  [IS]  group promote the lone wolf model of terrorism  by design in attempt to keep the police away from their command structure or their network.

In case a  lone wolf is nabbed or arrested, for example he or she will genuinely not know anything substantive about the organisation or the cause they are trying to represent.

In an article published in  Newsweek   on Sept 13, 2015. Victoria Bekiempis quotes  New York  police commissioner  William Bratton's briefing to explain  '' [IS] has embraced a diffuse  'lone wolf' model, which encourages  unaffiliated  independent  operators  to do whatever damage they can with whatever is at hand.

This threat is decentralized  and much harder to detect than threats orchestrated by  Al-Qaeda.  IS's alarmingly effective messaging   -as refined as anything found on  Madison Avenue  or in  Hollywood  -reaches marginalized, solitary actors.

These are terrorists who largely operate outside the kind of  command-and-control systems, or the cells that we have learned to penetrate and dismantle.''

Why do terrorists adopt the lone wolf policy?

John A Tures professor of political science at the LeGrange  College in Georgia,  United States argues:

''In order to carry out their asymmetric warfare, terrorist organizations would need attackers beyond the normal network. Terrorists would seek to recruit such disgruntled individuals to the cause, and let them figure out how an attack could be carried out on their own.

These terror groups sacrifice command-and-control power  over these new followers. But, in theory, such new recruits could be harder to track and stop.''

Tures explains that  terrorists  are actually more likely to be made, and not born:

''We found that such  lone attackers   tend to be male, a little more likely to have more than a  high school  education,  and have experienced  a recent change, like a lost job, a broken relationship, a move to a new area, or-

Something that altered one's peaceful, serene and altered life,'' he explains. 

Many, many studies the reasons behind the concept of   Lone Wolf terrorism [albeit in the West, states the research author]  unveils that too many checks,  state-sponsored terrorism, strict policies of migration-

Unavailability of any local command structure due to proactive policing have given birth to the emergence of   Internet-based  groups that are living in geographically isolated and far away regions-

*But using cyber connectivity to connect with each other*.

The Honour and Serving of the ''Operational Research''  on *Life and Living* continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward, and see you on the following one. 

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