Headline July 29, 2016/ ''' INTERNET - ={ SELL + PURCHASE }= - * DRUGS * '''

''' INTERNET - =

{ SELL + PURCHASE }= - * DRUGS * '''

SEE FOR YOURSELF  -every day, every single day, great and outstanding students, and humans,  the world over,   -are joining up on the World Students Society-

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Time enough for all the students of the world. For as the wise saying goes, ''If you don't control your own fate, others will do it for you.'' Your turn. And-  
I WARN YOU ALL THAT  -PAKISTAN AND THE PAKISTANI SOCIETY is getting increasingly affected by Drugs-

AND AS I discovered during the research, that most of those drugs are making it into Pakistan  through this wretched, highly porous border, of Pakistan's neighbour Afghanistan.  

God forbid,   -but Nothing can destroy Pakistan, and the future many, many generations more comprehensively,  and totally, than Drugs. 

THE WORLD DRUG REPORT 2016,  released by the United  Nations Office on   Drugs and Crime  [UNODC]  one recent  Wednesday has stated that-

Many people are turning  to the  Internet in order to make purchases of drugs around the whole wide world.

UNODC country representative Cesar Guedes told a respected newspaper that many people have taken to   committing crimes    using the Internet, because the chances of getting caught are slimmer.

With every passing year the conduct of people who use the Internet to buy drugs, is increasing in other words technology is being utilized-

To sell and purchase drugs and it has become as easy as people buy a pizza over the Internet or cell phones,'' he said.

''The chance of punishment are also less while buying drugs through the Internet,'' he said.

The report states that in 2014, 38  percent  of people used the  *Dark Net* to purchase   MDMA   in powder form  [commonly known as ecstasy}, 

.- 30 percent purchased  LSD,  
.- 25% bought cannabis and  
.- 15% bought cocaine.

As many as  347 million people  all over the world,  or one in 20 people between the ages  15 and  64,  use drugs.

The report said that over  29 million  people  who use drugs suffer from a drug use disorder.  Up to
.- 12 million  people are  intravenous  drug users, and 
.- 1.6 million of such users are living with HIV. 

The report said that 6 million such users are living with  hepatitis C. In 2014,   207,400   drug related deaths occurred.

Cannabis, remained the most commonly used drug at global level,  with 183  million users in 2014.
Amphetamines were the second most commonly used, with  33 million users-
While opiates were less common but remained a major cause of health consequences.

The report said that men are three times more likely than women to use cannabis,  cocaine or  amphetamines, while women are more likely to engage in the  non-medical use of opioids  and  tranquilizers.

It said that drug related deaths were higher in developed rather than in developing countries.

A total of  39,200  people between  the ages of  15 and 64 died of drug related causes in Africa,  while 52,500 people died in North America and  85,900 people died in Asia in 2014.

Mr. Guedes said the report followed  April's UN General Assembly special session on the  world drug problem, in which Pakistan participated.

''Pakistan is highly affected by drugs as they are grown and manufactured in neighbouring Afghanistan. So far,  19  WDRs have been published that have given an overview of the global situation,'' he said.

Here in Pakistan, the Ministry of Interior and Narcotics Control Board, has reaffirmed the actual analysis and belief that a number of drugs manufactured in Afghanistan, is also making its way to the rest of the world through Pakistani channels:

''The government has been playing its role  to stop  drug transportation and the international community  has also praised Pakistan's efforts. However, there is a high demand for drugs in the world so the production of drugs is ongoing.

We must act together, and play a decisive role against drugs by reducing the demand for drugs,'' said Secretary Aijaz Ali Khan/  

To sum, the world must take urgent and important notice, and institute measures to raise more awareness about the terrible and fatal drawbacks of drugs use. 

And every effort must be made to include this  'real alarm and awareness'  in schools and colleges and universities curriculum,  so that the students stand informed of the * horrible consequences *   that accompany drug use.

It now seems to me that the *Dark Internet* is getting  *Pitch Dark*.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and  !E-WOW!   the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Raising Awareness Internationally '''

Good Night and God Bless

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