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* Y A H O O!WOW! * '''

*O' STUDENTS OF THE WORLD - heed this advice and  please share this writing. placement, assertion, and research, with just about everybody*. 

If I applied Voodoo, or if I  could get to  hypnotize  -the new CEO of Yahoo, I would suggest to him, *to look for an urgent strategic partnership with !WOW! -the World Students Society*.  

[ Yahoo + !WOW! ]   could take on everybody and every company in the world. With billions and billions of students eventually joining up, the students could help Yahoo innovate to stellar levels within 5 years

And the  *Registered Students* could make a grand fortune! All student not yet registered, Join up ASAP.

Nobody in the world, understands the  *Mobile-Universe* and the Future cascade of needs,  better than the students of the world.
Merium Rabo, Haleema, Shahzaib, Dee, Bilal, Jordan, Haanyia, Salar, Eman, Mustafa, Hussain, Reza, Nauman,  Umer, Majeed, Haider, Zaeem, Danyial, Vishnu, Zhou, Dusyarntini?  Question marks all!

Or maybe I need to spar, parry, and thrust, with great original thinkers like, Dr. M Jawaid Khan/California, Dr. Zulqernain Haider/Canada, Dr.M Reza, Engineer Imran Basit, Engineer Shahid Shakoor-

Kasamatsu San, Japan, Imran Khan/specialist Capital markets, Nusrat Hussain Mangi, Cheetan Bhagat/India/. Fahim Khan MiddleEast,Lawyer Zainab Khan/ Kings College, M Hammad Khan/UK

Well, what say you all? I await your decision.  
In 2001, Ms. Uline gave her notice. she wanted to travel the world, financed in part by her Yahoo nest egg.

Paris became a favorite haunt. '' I would sublet my apartment out for a few months and just go and work from wherever..'' she said. She freelanced for Yahoo and also tapped the vast network of surfer alumni, landing work at the visual search start-up  SearchMe and elsewhere.

Six years ago, she stopped wandering and decided to focus on music. The year 2013 was big: Her band, the Northerlies, released its debut album; she married the guitar player, Brian Anderson, who had worked at Excite, another early search site; and their son, Neil, was born.  

Yahoo's decline is sad. Ms. Uline said, but she feels a connection. Her closest friends are former Yahoos, including Ms. Heinburger, who married yet another surfer and lives in London. 

A few months ago, Ms.Uline said, she dropped Yahoo as her home page, but she missed it and changed it back. ''I still use Yahoo search. I want them to get the revenue,'' she said.

Surfing By Another Name
So, when yahoo set out hire surfers, it invented a new job category. The closest match may have been bookstore clerk   -and Kepler's Books in nearby Menlo Park turned into a recruitment hotbed. 

About a dozen surfers were hired away from the shop, including ConnieAlice Hungate.

Ms. Hungate, 46, is still at Yahoo more than 18 years later, supervising what remains of the surfer team. She said, the group renamed content analysis and management, is still vital to the company's ambitions to remain a player in web search.

Search ads bring in nearly half of Yahoo's revenue. Under a 2010 deal with Microsoft, Yahoo uses Microsoft's Bing search engine for most basic queries and ads.

Ms. Mayer, Yahoo's chief executive, has devouted vast resources to search technology  -particularly on mobile devices  -in an attempt to Leapfrog Google, though the company has little to show for it so far.

Ms. Hungate said that her team helped train Yahoo's search algorithms to provide more relevant results. The mobile search app, for example, now automatically pulls up suggestions for nearby places to eat when lunchtime rolls around.

The surfers also worked on the recent release of Yahoo's Radar travel app, which uses a messaging style interface to recommend restaurants and activities based on data from TripAdvisor and Yelp. 
''We're doing all kinds of experiments every day,'' Ms.Hungate said.

The Elvis sculpture, a 1998 gift from a Yahoo user, still watches over the department, and the turnip-carving contest is held every Halloween  -with results posted on Flicks, the public sharing service shared by Yahoo.

Ms. Hungate said she was worried about what would happen to the surfers if the company was sold. ''Information management is a core need in technology,'' she said. ''We'll adapt.''  

And by the way, Mr. Mustapick has ended up making about 100 guitars, selling them for $3,000 to $10,000 apiece, before closing the business a few years ago. Mr. Mustapick, 47 is now studying jazz piano.

Today, neither of them wishes to return to an office job. Ms. Mathews, 43 has found her bliss teaching Yoga, blogging about veganism and painting. 

Still,  she remembers Yahoo fondly. ''I loved being around that many smart, interesting, engaged people,'' she said. ''I actively miss that in my daily life -not enough to get a job and give up what I'm doing, but I do miss it.''   

With respectful dedication to Yahoo, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and !E-WOW! -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Yahoo!WOW! '''

Good Night and God Bless

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