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''' *WEIRD & WILD* : 


*THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY*  - I set out to beautifully and passionately remind you all again, belongs only to  *every single student in the world*.

All advertising revenue, all film rights from Hollywood, Bollywood, all film rights from the world over, all book rights with every translation, all scholarships, all financial awards, all honours, every innovation, every patent, all acclaims...........

Are the singular ownership of the Students of the World, governed by their elected members from every country in the world. But.... but, overseen by an International Committee of world class Leaders, chosen by the elected students in a democratic and transparent manner.    

And that all,  when  put together, should form your very sterling Ecosystem called, !E-WOW! - the Ecosystem 2011. So, with that kind of objectives, lets see if you all, and the world and the Internet has an Electronic Nose:

While devices that can conduct breath analysis using compound semiconductors exist, they are bulky and too costly for commercial use, said Dr. Kenneth O, one of the principal investigators of the efforts and-Director of TxACE.

The researchers determined that that using CMOS  integrated circuits technology will make the  Electronic nose more affordable. And more on it in the future writings. Meanwhile, then............. 

NEC CORP  -has developed a  ''system operations visualisation and anomaly-analysis  technology'' that has artificial intelligence.[AI]-

To automatically detect unknown Cyber Attacks  against social infrastructure and enterprise systems

The new technology learns {through machine learning}  the normal state of OS-level operations  {program start-up, file access, communication etc.} for entire ICT systems, including PCs and servers.

It then carries out  real-time  comparisons and analysis of current operations in the system's normal state and automatically isolates particular points that deviate from the normal state by using system operation tools and Software Development Networking {SDN}

Accurate anomaly detection and quick specification of damaged areas by the new technology minimize the damage from  Cyber Attacks and enable recovery without stopping an entire computer system.

70,000 + TOTALLY  compromised servers for sale. Kaspersky Lab said only a few Wednesdays ago. 
The Servers are in  173 countries  and used by governments, businesses and universities. The owners likely have no idea they've been hacked, the security firm said.

So  A Black Market  is selling access to hacked government servers for as little as US$ 6.

''It's a hackers dream,'' says  Kaspersky Lab. Want access to government server?  An  online  black market  is selling access to thousands of hacked servers. Known as  xDedic, the market has a huge catalogue of over thousands of servers.

Hackers at  xDedic  breached many of the servers  through  trial-and-error using different passwords.  They catalogued the servers software, browsing history and other details buyers might like to know.

''It is a  hacker's dream, simplifying access to victims, making it cheaper and faster, and opening up a new possibility for both  cybercriminals and advanced threat actors,'' Kaspersky said.

Criminal Hackers cap use the servers to send spam,  steal data such as credit card information and launch other types of attack.

''Purchasing access to a server located in a European Union country government network can cost as little as $6,'' the firm said.

Once buyers have done their work, the merchants put the servers back up for sale. The inventory is constantly evolving.

Kasplersky said it learned of  XDedic from a European ISP. The marketplace appears to have been created by Russian speakers, but they may not be affiliated with those selling on the site.

xDedic has  flourished for 2 years and had  416 sellers as of May:

.- Nine percent of the servers are in Brazil.

.- 7 percent in China.

.- 6 percent in Russia,

.- 5 percent in India.

.- 5 percent in Spain

.- 4 percent Italy.

.- 4 percent in France.

,- 4 percent in Australia.

,- 3 percent in Republic of South Africa.

.-  3 percent in Malaysia.

*The biggest location is identified as  ''other''  at  51 percent*  

Kaspersky said it was able to identify some of the victims and notify them. It has already published a more complete report about xDedic. 

Expert have not been able to find out who actually owns the site, as market place is located within the  ''deep web,''-

Meaning it is not discoverable by the major search engines. the site appeared to be down on some last week's Wednesday.
With respectful dedication to the Students,professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and !E-WOW! -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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