Headline July 11, 2016/ ''' WORLD *Hate and Love* COOKED '''

''' WORLD 

*Hate and Love* COOKED '''

ON CLIMATE CHANGE EFFORTS  -the leaders of the world get no better than a  C minus grade   from the World Students Society.

The World Students Society  -most lovingly called !WOW!   will do everything, every possible thing needed,  to look after the world, for the next generation.

Now hear and read this:

JUST A FEW YEARS AGO -one report on the workings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] by a-

Council of national academies of science were the sort of report children/students take home from school, its main theme would be expressed as :

''could do better''  and  ''needs to show workings''.

Stern parents might read it as calling for  Gradgrind-like clampdown; more indulgent ones as an inducement for little darlings to try a little harder.

FOR A FAR FULLER SENSE of what climate change might mean to a specific city, turn to the chapter on London in Mr Kohn's:

''Turned Out Nice'', a tour de force of information and speculation

Like Mr Kahn,  Mr Kohn  takes the position that attempts to limit climate change are important, but that some change is inevitable.

Thanks to the moderating influence of the Atlantic ocean, he concludes that in Britain for the rest of this century this change will be less profound than elsewhere, having-

''Nothing to compare with the kind of shocks that will hit Spain, half of which could become semi-desert, let alone Bengal''.

But that does not mean it will be negligible. As climate change reinforces some trends and counteracts others it will reshape Britain and and its landscapes.

Mr. Kohn illustrates and elaborates this idea by studying a range of specific places in detail,  among them Glen Affric in the Highlands, the meanders of the Cuckmere river as reaches the Sussex coast and the industrial citadel of Sizewell- A Nuclear power plant which looms above a famous nature reserve.

 Writers such as Richard Mabey, Robert Mcfarlaneand Roger Deakin have spent recent years of bringing sustained and sympathetic observation, detailed research and a sometimes wilful eclecticism to their accounts of Britain's landscapes.

In his application of their technique to the future, Mr Kohn gives a depth to the scenarios of which he speaks that the numbers and maps of more mundane climate prognostication can never match.

In the process of immersing the reader in a fullyrealised set of tomorrow Mr. Kohn also recasts his perceptions of today.

Nature writing which takes the future and its possibilities as seriously as the past allows the reader to look at the present in a way that thedeclinist narratives so common in environmental writing disbar-

The reader can see today as being in the middle of things, pulled in many directions, not pressed down at the end of time.

This unusual perspective should recommend the book to anyone interested in how the British relate to their land. It also encourages a pragmatic rebooting of those relations.

The need to choose how to adapt to the future highlights the choices  -about town planning, or forestry, or coastal defences, or immigration  -that have shaped the present. It encourages the reader to think of the practicalities of what goes on where, and why, of what should drain-

[ city streets, through porous surfaces into the ground beneath] and what should soak  [seaside levels, release from the hydrologic corsets of Victorian planners], of what should be wild and what be tamed.

Mr Kohn's book is richer, harder and more rewarding read than Mr Kahn's. But both share a welcome desire to look at what climate change means in a world that can adapt to it -

And what can hinder that adaption. They look at the opportunities as well as the costs, they encourage as well as warn.

And both  remember that there will be some things that cannot be saved, even though others may not be lost.  

With respectful dedication to the Political Leaders, Corporate leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and  !E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' In The Steps  Of The Master '''

Good Night and God Bless

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