Headline June 25, 2016/ ''' FROM THE UAE *5 MILLION BOOKS* FOR THE STUDENTS '''



'' THE FASTEST WAY TO END POVERTY  -is to eliminate ignorance,'' states Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the very Wise and  Loved ruler of Dubai-

As the  UAE transitions from feeding the hungry    -quenching thirst- to the real nurturing of the mind and the soul.

*History bears witness that The Arab Civilization played an outstanding role for many centuries in contributing  knowledge and greatness to Mankind and every civilization*.

Nothing has pleased me more on my recent visit to Dubai,  than to see    H. E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum,just so determined  to reclaim 350 million Arabs rightful place in the world.. 

This  special campaign, undertaken by the  UAE  during the holy month of Ramadan, which aims to provide five million books for children in refugee camps and  underprivileged students in schools across the world is commendable.

The initiative, which aims at nurturing minds and souls, will pave the way towards building bridges among civilisations.

The holy month of Ramadan is the time for action, change and hope. The superb campaign will open the door for millions for acquiring knowledge, tolerance and a bright future.

The World Students Society, so lovingly called -!WOW!, hopes and wishes that His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will, in all his great humanitarian undertakings in the future-

Go on to add,.... Laptops, Smartphones and Connectivity for the underprivileged the world over. No one can imagine a greater splendid gesture, than the one that gives and goes in completeness.    

This great inspirational gesture, is just so matched by this DALIT SCHOOLGIRL, in INDIA,...    who too became an inspiration for others.

Student Neelu Kumari, from Jharkhand, every single day, and for many, many years cycled 2.4 kilometers to and from school, to earn the exalted distinction, from Latehar district, as the first person to clear the matriculation examination  -inspiring 17 other girls also, to do so.

But there's much more than that. Neelu is from the Dalit community and her Karamatand village is hit by Maoist insurgency. There's no high school there and no electricity either. Not an ideal situation for a youngster to pursue her studies.

But Neelu was adamant and spared no efforts. She was duly supported in this endeavour by her mother Bhagia Devi and brother Phalgun Ghanijhu. The family ensured that Neelu was enrolled the high school 1.2 kilometers away at Fulsu village. 

It is then that the bicycle given  to  students  like her by the state government came handy.

Travelling to the school and back home was not easy. Besides the distance, the road was uneasy   -Neelu had to negotiate the forests and the hilly train, braving heat, and rain and cold as the seasons changed. But she never gave up.

Everyday, Neelu left home two hours before classes began so as to reach the school on time. After attending classes she would complete her homework before the sunset and then had back home -cycling once again. 

In the matriculation examination, Neelu has scored  241 out of a total of 500 marks.

Her success has now inspired 17 other girls in the village who are also aiming to clear the examination. Their parents are hopeful that life will be better as their daughters get educated.

It is no mean feat in the region where most of the girls  drop out of schools due to long and dangerous distances involved, lack of transport and other basic facilities like a toilet.

But all of that is changing. The cloud of despair is disappearing slowly here, thanks to Neelu.

The government has now upgraded the  Project Primary School where Neelu studied till Class Five into a High School.

Neelu's achievement comes at a time when the  Jharkhand government announced that it will upgrade infrastructure in the schools across the state.

Several new degree colleges will also be established. With the state all set to boost the education sector,  Neelu's story will be dazzling example of grit and courage.

In the vast map of India,  Karmatand village  is not even a tiny dot. But today, everyone in Jharkhand knows about this place, because of Neelu and her determination.

And hopefully she will not be the only one. There will be many more like her who will overcome all the odds to shine as bright as a star.

The Dalit schoolgirls are indeed an inspiration for others. The World Students Society wishes them well and hope to follow their progress on regular basis. 

With respectful dedication to the people of India, Parents,  Students, Professors and Teachers. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and  !E-WOW! -the Ecosystem 2011:

'''  The March Of Students '''

Good Night and God Bless

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