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*SOME WOMEN, WHO FEEL,  that gender is an issue in a classroom might be more than drawn to a course that is designed-

Specifically for them, where they can think and speak freely. But in my experience, the younger generation of women are just as comfortable asking questions as men*.

And this from Lisa van Vliet,  Cambridge EntrepriseWISE    participant, founder of biotechcompanies Drop-Tech and Floceleris.

 IT BEARS REPETITION  -that,  *There is reliable research that points to females being more risk-averse than males, and since-

Starting a business is a risky business, women are less likely to choose this as a career path,'' says prof Wagner, who is also a member of the board of a business angel fund.

However, Susan Duffy,  executive director of the Center for Women's Entrepreneur Leadership atBabson College, disagrees:

''Women are not more risk averse. They are risk-rational and take a longer term view. If we ignore them and their ideas, we are letting way too many innovations get by us.''

Nine out of 15 start-ups in the school's summer venture accelerator last year were led by women.

A 2014 study from Harvard, MIT  and Wharton  found that men are 60 per cent more likely to succeed in pitching to investors than women.

Earlier this year,  Crunchbase,  a site that tracks private equity investments, found that only seven per cent of investing partners at top venture-capital firms are women.

Nelson Phillips, at Imperial College Business School, argues :

''The willingness, ability and confidence to sell your concept, growth story and future of your company is at the core of entrepreneurship, but many women struggle to pitch enthusiastically as men.

Their ideas are just, as good but they are, perhaps more realistic about their plans and that can makefunders less interested.''

At Lese in Spain,  Juan  Roure, professor of entrepreneurship, thinks family pressures are a key issue.

''Many entrepreneurs launch their businesses when in their  30s, but for many women that's a time when they have other priorities.'' he says. ''However, we are seeing more women engaging in entrepreneurial activity later in life.''

There are some sign of progress in the  US  where, for example,  Harvard, Stanford, MIT  top the list of schools for female founders.

FEMALE Harvard graduates have founded companies such as Birchbox, the beauty products delivery service, and  Rent The Runway, a fashion rental site.

At MIT,  Bill Aulet,  managing director of the  Martin trust Center for Entrepreneurship,  says  40  per cent of MBA students who choose entrepreneurship tracks or electives are women, and  three out of its five    entrepreneurs-in-residence are women.

At  Stanford GSB, a two week seminar called  : ''Entrepreneurship from the prospective of women''  has just been converted into a fully assessed and credit-carrying course.

On the other hand, being a woman in a man's world has its advantages.

Dominika Bienkowska is an  MBA  graduate fromESMT  who recently won German Government funding of  Euro 200,000  for her start-up  -OberEnergy,   -which uses algorithms to predict andminimise the energy wasted in homes.

''Being a woman in the high-tech community puts me in the minority which has actually proved beneficial in certain situations,'' she says.

''It helps being noticed in a crowd of men  [and gets you] a foot in the door''.

Larisa Kryuchkova, European School of Management  and  Technology [ESMT]  MBA, co-founder of wearable device company Uvisio, probably sums up best:

''Peer-to-Peer mentoring could be implemented by business schools to give future female entrepreneurs more motivation and confidence in moving forward with their ideas.''

Therefore, it makes perfectly great sense, that any training designed just`for female entrepreneurs can set them on the path of doing well, not only in business, but maybe, in life too.

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