Headline May 29, 2016/ ''' MODERN *SLAVERY* GARDEN '''


IT IS ESTIMATED THAT THERE ARE BETWEEN 21 million and 29 million slaves in the world.

*Half of them are in India*. There are thought to be 600,000 slaves in Europe alone.

To the very great credit of both the Cameron government and home secretary, Theresa May, last year the  Modern Slavery Act came into force, the first such law in western Europe................ 

THE ENTIRE WORLD MUST SHAME FIRMS  -into stamping out every form of conceivable slavery. 

And consumer pressure is the the only and real key to freeing more than 20 million people, Yes,  more than  20 million people living in horrific servitude across the world.

This years Chelsea Flower Show, features a display that uses all the great characteristics of the British people to an unusual end. Juliet Sargeant's Modern Slavery Garden features brightly doors, railings and charcoal chippings and a tessellated garden path leading to an oak tree, saplings, flowers and shrubs.

The idea is to contrast the fresh paint and colourful planting representing the streets and gardens where we live with the  *Charcoal Black Darkness* that traps Britain's estimated  13,000  slaves in an evil trade behind closed doors.

!THIRTEEN THOUSAND SLAVES!. Yes, Melanie Phillips is right, 13,000 slaves. Who would have thought such a thing could still exist in Britain, let alone at such a number.

*Modern Slavery*, in which people are effectively owned by others and forced or coerced into labour, crime or sexual practices, is in fact one of the world's most profitable criminal activities.

It includes people being trafficked for prostitution or pornography, forced to work in gruelling shifts with their traffickers pocketing their wages, kept in debt bondage by being made to work to pay off loans, with no realistic prospect of doing so, or coerced into crime such as pickpocketing.

According to Kevin Hyland, the government's anti-slavery commissioner, enslaved children as young as seven work gruelling hours making items for sale in high street stores. Girls are prostituted and boys are  raped. A high proportion of these victims are UK nationals.

An acquaintance told me recently that staff at London hospital were astonished when a car drew up outside and threw a man into the gutter before racing off. 

The man, who needed medical treatment, told appalled doctors that he was a slave, owned by people who forced him to work as a gardener, never paid him and effectively kept him a prisoner in their house. 

The challenge is to raise awareness of a practice that many find it hard to believe still occurs. The Modern Slavery Garden, which will go on a tour around the country after the flower show, is a creative imaginative way of doing so.

The garden is in turn part of a wider campaign. A street near the show is to be named by the Bishop of London ''Freedom Street'' as part of the Chelsea Fringe festival.

The garden backers are also planning to use *people power*.

The  Modern Slavery Act  says companies with a  turnover of more than Pounds 36 million must say what they are doing to stamp out slavery in their supply chains.

The Chelsea Flower Show, is quintessentially an English event. Reflecting the national obsession with the garden and the pastoral idyll. It is a celebration of beauty, a display of botanical perfection-

And a gentle hymn to the natural order of things. Indeed, that is so, Melanie Phillips 

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