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WHY ARE YOU ALL LAUGHING? Over the past many months I have analysed what is probably the most comprehensive data set ever compiled on when and how students/people seek out laughter.............

In Pakistan, the  *educated Students and the educated class*  have finally learnt : The Power of thinking Without Thinking. The great O'Captain Imran Khan got the educated class to understand the world around them.

Now the mighty O''Captain Imran Khan, is getting them to understand the world within. When he succeeds, Pakistan will have a great future. An Uphill task, and many Uphill battles all the way.

Why are some students/people brilliantly involved, while others are just so consistently inept? When will the students of Pakistan follow their instincts and win while others keep stumbling into errors. I am all questions!

IN 1979  -in a short book titled   *The Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New class*, sociologist Alvin Gouldner took up a great question then being vigorously debated by social analysts:

DID THE STUDENT MOVEMENT of the 1960s signal that that highly educated were on their way to becoming a major political force in American society?

Gouldner's answer was 'yes'. As a man of the left, he had mixed feelings about this development, since he thought the intelligentsia might be tempted to put its own interests ahead of the marginalised groups for whom it had often claimed to speak.

Today, with an ideological gap widening along educational lines in the United States, Gouldner's arguments are worth revisiting.

Now that many people go to college, Americans with bachelor degrees no longer constitute an educational elite. But the most highly educated Americans are starting to come together as a political bloc.

Last month, the Pew Research Centre released a study showing that nearly a third of those who went to graduate or professional school have  ''down the line''  liberal views on social, economic and environmental matters, whereas this is true for just 1 in 10 Americans generally. 

An additional quarter of postgrads have mostly liberal views. These numbers reflect drastic change: while professionals have been in the Democratic column for a while, in 1994 only  7  per cent  of postgrads held consistently liberal political opinions.

Gouldner's  ''new class''  wasn't exactly the contemporary intelligentsia, with its Washington policy analysts, New York editors and Bay area biotech researchers. But it was close.

Gouldner observed changes in the  US  occupational structure that it thought were altering the balance of power among social classes. As he saw it, beginning in the early 20th century, increasing complexity-

In science, technology, economic affairs and government meant that the ''old'' moneyed class no longer had the expertise to directly manage the work process or steer the ship of state.  

Members of the old class turned to scientists, engineers, managers, human relation specialists, economists and other professionals for help. As these experts multiplied, they realised the extent of their collective power. 

They demanded levels of pay and status and insisted on professional autonomy.
*A new class was born, neither owner nor worker*.

A distinguished feature of this new class, according to Gouldner, was the way it spoke and argued. Steeped in science and expert knowledge, it embraced  ''a culture of critical discourse''.

Evidence and logic were valued; appeals to traditional sources of authority were not.

Gouldner assumed that as the  Student  radical aged and entered the  workforce, they would retain their leftist sympathies.

But he conceded they might also work to shore up their privileges.

The Honour and Serving of the latest ''Operational Research''  on life and living continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward.

With most loving and respectful dedication : O''Captain Imran Khan, Asad Umer, Haider Sultan Abbasi, Lawyer and PhD Dr. M. Jawaid Khan/US, Technologist Amin Malik/US, Dr. Zulqernain Haider/ Canada,  

Scientist Dr Masood Reza, Engineer Shahid Shakoor, Engr & MS Imran Basit, M Fahim Khan/Ericsson, Chartered Accountant  Imran Khan/Mergers & Acquisitions Asia, M Hamad Khan/UK, Naveed Iqbal Querishi,Siemens Middle East, Rohail Khan, Film Director, Qazi Ahmed Akber Khan /Educationist, Saqib Naveed, MAJU University and Dr Siraj Ul Haq Querishi, Australia, and Engineer Basharat Akber Khan. 

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and !E-WOW! the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Uphill Battles All '''

Good Night and God Bless

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