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THE WORLD STUDENTS SOCIETY  -most lovingly called, -!WOW!- and the Ecosystem 2011, most lovingly called !E-WOW!-

All in the making, all in the works,  belong to every single student of the world :  '''One Share-Peace-Piece'''

PAKISTAN  -and the students of Pakistan,  savor the exalted growing image and the  honour, as the  *First Trustees* and the *First Conceptual Hosts*. 

And having said that, I must also inform the Pakistani students:
That their great country, Pakistan,  is at least, a solid decade and half or 15 years, -by any and all measures,  behind this great new rising star, Malaysia. 

The last few days, saw me trudge pillar to post to take in all the progress. Be assured, more and more, writings will follow, as I work my way all around, and visit all the Colleges and the universities, and some super schools in Malaysia.

So, as Financial Times would put it : *Without Fear and without Favour*, All Universities in the world, must learn to serve students better

UNITED KINGDOM is damn right to demand higher standards and encourage in every possible manner, new entrants.

The truthful delight is that Britain is justly proud of its universities. With just 1 per cent of the global population, the country is home to four of the world's top 10, according to the  QS  rankings-

Which judges these seats of learning against a range of factors. Yet while excellence in graduate research has for many years been all but a given, top-quality teaching of  undergraduate students has lagged.

A recent survey found that some  30  per cent of students  believed their courses were poor value for money. A full third of those thought inadequate teaching was to blame. Such findings are rightly of concern to ministers.    

When the conservative-led coalition tripled fees to  Pound 9,000 in 2012, the idea was that this would lift the quality of courses, not least by encouraging students to demand more of their teachers.

*What has been lacking has been an effective mechanism to lever up standards.
Few students have much idea of what to expect from a university education*.

And by the time they have figured it out, it is generally too late to have much bearing on their final degree.

Jo Johnson, the universities minister, has now attempted to tackle this with a  White Paper  setting out what would be the biggest overhaul of higher education for more than two decades.

Mirroring the so-called   *Research Excellence Framework*  that was introduced in the 1980s to reward valuable academic enquiry, the government plans a similar mechanism aimed at teaching.

This will link university funding to teaching outcomes, ranging from student satisfaction and dropout rates to the proportion of graduates going into professional and management jobs.

Universities will be allowed to increase their fees by the rate of inflation if they can prove that their teaching meets the new standard. Mr Johnson plans to establish an independent body, the  Office for students, to rate universities against the new framework.

He also seek to open up sector to competition, which could see Britain confer  degree-issuing powers on new entrants, such as Professor AC Grayling's New College of the Humanities, or foreign institutions seeking to enter the UK.

The government's plans may grate on Britain's independent universities. Some  vice-chancellors will fret that greater focus on teaching could undermine their place in the world's rankings, which are  mainly tied to research output. But there is much to be said for Mr. Johnson's ambition. 

A big reason for poor teaching is the lack of emphasis universities place on undergraduates.
As Anthony Seldon, vice-chancellor of  Buckingham University has noted, this is a consequence of having  ''a secure market of uncomplaining school leavers for too long.''

The Honour and Serving of this ''Operational Research on Education and Policies'' continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward.

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professor and Teachers of Malaysia. See Ya all in person and  on !WOW!  -the Ecosystem !E-WOW! of 2011:

''' Beyond Honours '''

Good Night and God Bless

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