Headline May 20, 2016/ ''' GOVERNANCE - *AYE-AYE SIRES* '''



DUBAI : JUST YESTERDAY, GEMS EDUCATION  announced it has earmarked an estimated  Dh 100 million  in notional shares for GEMS Education teachers and staff in schools in the region.

The teachers and staff working at schools managed by GEMS Education will be offered shares for free, in a bid to appreciate long standing and high performing teachers. 
Commendable, in every way. 

Sunny Varkey, Group Chairman of  GEMS Global and Founder of GEMS education and Varkey Foundation said :
''We want to recognize high performance teachers and staff. They are instrumental in us building GEMS into the world's leading educational organisation.''    

MANY AN ESOTERIC processes are somewhat gradually unfolding in the Arab World,  with citizens [especially the young people]-

*Who lack trusts in their governments  seeking alternative sources of information in new ways to survive economically*.

*This shift has so far gone largely unnoticed by the governments   -a reflection of just how disconnected they are from their own people. But it will very soon be impossible to ignore*.

All of this comes at a time when another important development is underway: Oil based rentier systems are rapidly diminishing owning to the steep decline in the energy prices over the last two years.

In particular, Saudi Arabia has been forced to initiate a shift toward an economic model that emphasises investment and productivity as the main drivers of economic growth. 
Other countries in the region will have to follow suit and reform their economic systems, or face the wrath of their increasingly disgruntled citizens.

One important element of economic reform strategies will be technology. Already  240  million  Arabs    -largely young people  -have access to the Internet through mobile phones; by  2020  it is estimated that all Arab youth will be connected.

Technology is facilitating the creation and sharing of knowledge, in a region that has historically lagged in this area, and technology start-ups are on the rise.

This is not to say that technology is panacea for the region. After all, Daesh is also using technology, but in a sinister way to spread gruesome propaganda and recruit new members.

But technology can speed up the Arab's world's economic and social progress, even as countries build a modern institutional framework capable of supporting it.

*Nowadays, no country can evolve without developing effective and credible institutions, establishing a meaningful system of political checks and balances, and diffusing control over decision-making*.

In time, the Arab world will have them. While the international community is focused on Daesh, most Arabs are focused on improving their lives. Their governments must do everything to encourage them. 

Back to the world of technology, I learn that Warren Buffet the ICON of investment and visions, takes $1 billion Apple stake in somewhat of a rare bet on technology.

And Shares jump following disclosure.

Wall Street fears future of low growth. *Interesting times ahead*. 

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