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UNBEKNOWNST  to the world,  -in all  and every form or function, the World Student Society has a mighty  ''Sweet Teeth''  for money

In spite of that, the World Students Society. most lovingly called, !WOW!, walked away from global and prestigious  'brand  advertising', donations, and every support and assistance. 

All that, the Samurai and the founders contended and  reasoned,: is a policy matter for the  'elected board'.

Right? Right! 

A VIEW of history as a perpetual tussle between competing classes and interest groups is not exactly new. Max Weber and Karl Marx, the founders of historical sociology,  spawned an army of disciplines.     

Early agrarian empires were often led by aristocrats with warrior and landowner values {soldiers}  in close alliance with priests {sages}, who provided a  spiritual justification for their role.

The merchant was tolerated for bringing wealth through trade, but also resented for being   cleverer and often richer   than traditional elites.

The late 19th century  saw the seemingly inexorable rise of  ''soft merchant'' values, when Britain used its growing empire as a force for promoting free-trade and globalization,  ostensibly to the interests of all.

Britain's competitors, however regarded this imperial project as less benign. By the mid-19th century, the world of  cosmopolitan merchants was one of competing business cartels, increasingly backed by the might of the nation states.

After the  First World War,  America emerged as the wealthiest nation and dominant exporter of  ''Capital'.

This led to the spread a of a new form of merchant power across much of the developed world in the form of debt fuelled consumer capitalism. 

Yet the massive financial and trade imbalances that resulted ended up bringing this  ''first merchant age'' to a shuddering halt-

With the Great Depression of the early 1930s. the years of fiscal austerity and social turmoil that followed, contributed to the militarization of Germany and Japan.    

It's also  analogous  to what government do. Every government manipulates its currency. So, let's create more ripples and get back to, Ripple Labs.

What's more, they're not transparent about it.

At least these guys have made clear that there never can be another ripple created.  When the U.S. needed more cash to bail out  AIG  and other reckless financial  actors, it simply printed more money.

Ripple also solves some other elemental problems in the existence system of government-issued money, says the author, and goes on to add:

Banks are thieves. Every three  months, I get a distribution of about $1,400 from an investment I have in some apartments. It's wired directly to me bank account, yet my bank charges me $15 for the privilege. 

Then there's the time question.

I am a user of  Dwolla, an online payment system that you can use like cash in thousands of stores. 

Funding my Dwolla accounts took six days from the moment it was taken out of my bank account. It's absurd. Someone had use of that float for almost a week.

The entire corrupt system is ripe for disruption, says Ken Kurseon, in his master article The portfolio.

Chris Larsen, the CEO of  Ripple labs inc.,  is someone the world is written about often.

His first company,  E-loan, sought to democratize mortgage lending, and his second company,  Prosper,  sought to do the same for peer-to-peer lending. 

The problem with both these ideas is that they were seeking to dismantle gigantic industries with huge political momentum.

*This time,  ripple  could have its own giant  on its side.   Master Card and Visa charge  as much as  4  per cent for their transactions.

The banks that issue the cards in the end get to keep some of that . But the chance to collect massive interest if you're late. 

These banks would love to keep collecting the interest without having to pay  MasterCard and Visa. 

Ripple makes that possible of it gets accepted ubiquitously. In my opinion, the big financial service brands sought to feel about Ripple the way the record labels felt about Napster. 

And then it's game on.

With the year back announcement that  Germany  will start taxing bitcoin assets, and  a ruling by a federal judge in Texas that  bitcoin  is a legit currency,  it's clear that imaginary money is becoming more real by the day.

Meanwhile, many a wise and bright ones are stocking up on ripple while it's still in submerged values. 

David Priestland, the master and mighty author, makes many a great points, in his book, Merchant, Soldier, Sage : A new History Of Power, 

He also argues that this view of history underestimates the importance of the way people in power think, behave and persuade others of the supremacy of their values.

Be that it may. Ripple Labs supported by the World Students Society, could shed all the stale and useless currencies and by jove,  usher in the golden age of prosperity and social harmony.

This is Where We Are Now. So, Good Luck!

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on the World Students Society and the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Shaping Up '''

Good Night and God Bless

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