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Childhood Goes BY In The Blink Of An Eye.  And much as I would love to refer to the childhood of all the students- I am pointing here to !WOW!.

!WOW! -the World Students Society, that is the exclusive ownership of all and every single student in the world. 
*One Share Peace-Piece*

Even in the years,  -just preceding my defining the concept, of !WOW!, the World Students Society, I encountered annihilating difficulties. It turned into a Close Game. But the great Samurai, went into overtime, to yank things back.

All record would forever glitter in the years. ahead, under the trusteeship of the Samurai, at Sam Museum Of History

DON'T ROLL YOUR EYES. And and as I'm not a throwback who believes that since money creation has largely been left to  government fiat, over the past hundred years, ....but this must always be so.

I'M A BELIEVER. But not so much because I understand the complexity underlying the creation of   math-based   currency.

*It's more because I have also seen all kinds of things turn into money and I have also seen things that are already money deployed so irresponsibly that it enabled new money to take hold.*

ALL BANKS ARE JUST so nasty! *Digital Currencies*  can break the nastiness of all these banks. 

But  Bitcoin is scary, suggests one master author,.....and terribly complicated. And now There's a simpler alternative .

Bitcoin is a   ''cryptocurrency''  in which new coins are minted digitally and transferred based on  open-source  Internet Protocol  that doesn't go through a central intermediary.

The coins are processed by servers that  ''mine''  new bitcoins via a mathematical formula that limits the total number that can ever be created to 21 million.

Over an already volatile 2013-14-15, the value of a single bitcoin has ranged from $13 to more than $250, and it's attracted the attention of everyone from the Winklevoss twins on a new fund  {the Bitcoin Investment Trust} composed only of Bitcoins.

*As revolutionary as I believe to bitcoin be,  the mining process creates critical weaknesses   -it's difficult to understand and can be panic-inducing for the several minutes people are waiting to get their funds*.

And if you're funds disappear from the noncentralized ledger, there's no recourse, they're just gone, as has happened recently. But now there's an alternative   -an open-source math based currency called ripple- *that solves some of the problems*.

The genius of both bitcoin and ripple is there is no centralized depository. Without a central  ''ledger,''  all transactions must be broadcast to all other servers that run the protocol-

So that these math-based currencies avoid being debased. Both are anonymous and skillfully encrypted.

But Bitcoins have to be mined through a series of cumbersome  Cloud-based computations    that take ten minutes or so; ripples are instantaneous. And you get to recover any apparently compromised accounts.

Naturally, there are haters who cannot endure the idea of a company, Ripple Labs, creating a more user protocol on top of the libertarian utopia of bitcoin.

Then are those who criticize Ripple's business plan.

THE IDEA is to create  100 billion ripples  and   get more than half of them into the hands of the public by giving them away.

As more people start using  Ripples  to buy things,  they will presumably grow in value,  leaving  the company and its founders sitting on about 50 billion Ripples.

If  thaaaat's   devious,  then so is every company that's ever gone public while retaining the great bulk of its shares.

But if the World Leaders and more importantly,  the  President of the United States of America  President Barrack H Obama,  is reading this research-

Then may I suggest that, *If all the great countries of the world* make a gift donation, with no strings attached -
To  !WOW!  the World Students Society, of this New Money, ripple-

This New Money, will get integrated into the world economy, in the blink of an eye.

And this delightful and exalted  mention, also, by the way, shows that !WOW! has left childhood behind, and for sure come of age.

the Honor and Serving of the  world's  ''Operational Economic Illusions'' continues. Thank ya all for reading and sharing forward.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the world Students Society:

''' How To Build a fire Pit '''

Good Night and God Bless

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