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STUDENT SALAR KHAN YUSUFZAI, California, United States,  is one hell of a talented lad-

This scion of a warrior race, and a highly distinguished military family, whose great-grandfather's decoration for bravery,  glitter in the British War Museum-

And his mother's father, Malik Mohammed Nawaz  -Inspector General of Police, is remembered with great respect for honesty, dedication and nationalism, are some of great high marks, for this rising star.  

With at least one  *Letter of Appreciation*  from the President of the United States, and  *a standing applause from !WOW!* , [for him and his great buddies], for  his devotion and support,  Salar Khan Yusufzai, heads for College.

In the days ahead, - !WOW! -the World Students Society will be asking of him, to shoulder,  even greater exalted responsibilities, contributions, and selfless work on the World Students Society.

And now  to the post:  

WHEN I PROTESTED against oil drilling in 2013,  -which led two months of detention in Russian prison-

Along with the other member of the  Arctic 30,  -I did that because *global
warming* is threatening our livelihoods.

We can already see it happening from New York to Kiribati. Our food security, water supplies and jobs are at stake.

*The price tag on climate change will be even higher if we son't act now*.

*Faiza Oulahsen  an activist on the issues relating to climate and energy at Greenpeace*:

*We need to stop the nonsense and create a global sanctuary*. 

So what needs to happen? We need to protect and preserve the Arctic by creating a  global sanctuary for the uninhibited regions of the Arctic. The oil and gas reserves need to stay put under the seabed.

*Vested interests want Arctic oil drilling to seem inevitable. It isn't*. 

*Bob Hubert -Associate professor in the department of political science and at the Center for  Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary* further defines the concept and the debate:

Let's hope the Arctic five make good decisions.
The decision to allow  Shell  to begin drilling in the Chukchi Sea should not surprise anyone.

The decision among all five Arctic states:
.- Canada
.- Denmark/Greenland
.- United States.

That have all reserves in their Arctic waters have never been about whether or not the oil should be developed *but when*.

Likewise, no one should believe that it is possible to develop a robust international regime that will have the power to regulate to exploit these resources.

All current   Arctic oil development  takes place in regions that are under the sovereign control of the coastal state, and  *none will share the right with others*.

Ultimately, this means that the best hope for  Arctic oil development  that minimizes the risk to the environment will come from the individual decisions, regulations and policies that each Arctic state imposes {it does not impose} on the oil companies.

The exploitation of  Arctic oil resources has already begun and will only expand   -but on an entirely national basis.

*Let's hope that the individual governments of the arctic five are up to the challenge to properly manage how it is done*.  

!WOW! will watch with wishes and great interest.  
With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Yah all  on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and the Ecosystem 2011:

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