Headline March 07, 2016/ ''' GOOD -* AS *- GOLD '''

''' GOOD -* AS *- GOLD '''

THINKER Jean Paul Richter had a point : Humans take contradictions and advice much more easily than people think-

Only they will not hear it when violently given, even if it is well-founded.

*Hearts are flowers*; they remain open to the softly falling dew, but shut up in the violent downpour of rain. True! 
My advice : *Go for Gold*

GOLD  -&=   GOLD  -is just so full of so many fascinating facts,  that most of the world may not have known about.

Gold has stayed, and will continue to stay,  for the whole of this century at least,  -the most sought-after metal. 

SINCE Gold is indestructible,  infinitely reusable and treasured everywhere and always, most of what human beings have plucked-

Scratched and dug from the earth for over  6000  years is believed to be still around.

*A new bride's wedding may contain some of  King Solomon's fabulous hoard, which encompassed half of the world's gold in his day*.

Still glowing under museum glass are  Tutankhamen's grave treasures in Cairo, the Mycenaean mask called Agamemnon's in Athens, Scythian gold in Lima,  Bogota and Mexico City, and much is still being gathered from ancient burial mounds.

Yet all the gold gathered in  60 centuries  would form a cube 17 yards on each side, weighing about  97,000 tons.

New gold adds less than  1650  tons   a year, and all the gold still to be mined known deposits would enlarge the cube by half its present size.

The United States, once the largest producer, is now fourth with just three percent of the year's new gold, about 40 tons. Third is Canada with four percent, still far behind the two leaders, the Soviet Union whose Asian mines produce 23 percent and South Africa with 52 percent.

It takes almost five tons of ore from South Africa's mines to yield a single ounce of gold, an uneconomical ratio until two Glasgow physicians and a chemist developed the cyanide extraction process.

More than  45,000  miners, recruited mainly from tribal villages work in tunnels and crawl spaces, sometimes at depth of more than  2 miles.

The humidity is high and temperatures average about  90 degrees F, even with constant air circulation. Despite all safety measures, there are some 400 fatalities yearly.

*Governments and intergovernmental institutions hold less than  38,000 tons, some  43%   of the world's gold, in national reserves*.

Another  24  percent of the world's gold is in bullion privately held as investment.

A Japanese hotel owns one of the world's heaviest known gold objects, a 313.5 pound bathtub in the shape of phoenix in which bathers soak for $2 a minute, their excitement tinged with a lingering belief that bathing in gold prolongs life.

Sellers of gold jewelry discover that  all that glitters is not 24 karat, called ''fine,''  gold.  At  24  karat  gold is too soft to be durable and most jewelry is 18 or 14 karats.  

Investors buy  gold bars,  gold certificates,  gold futures and gold coins.

But the world's favorite in troubled times is jewelry,  easily portable, readily salable,  and the only gold investment that offers aesthetic dividends.

So after  6,000 years,  gold is still the king of all metals.

With respectful dedication to all the Parents,  -especially in the developing world,-   the Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. 

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