Headline Feb 18, 2016/ ''' MASTER'S! - & - MASTERS '''

''' MASTER'S! - & - MASTERS '''

THE SHOCKING REASONS, says one related author to :  why people pursue a Master's Degree.

*Having worked in the academia, I'm often approached by students for graduate school counselling-

Thus begins Hussain Nadim, a PhD candidate and coorodinator of South Asia Study Group at the University of Sydney. And........

Every year I find the same issues with students applying for graduate schools -  they don't know why they want to pursue a Master's degree. Scratch a little under the surface, and one is exposed to the shocking reasons for why students are spending-

Enormous amount of money and a year or two of their lives in pursuing a Master's degree. Almost  98%  of graduating Pakistani students pursue this degree for all the wrong reasons.

Unfortunately, the lack of counselling at the High School, College and University level results in the curse of path dependency, shrinking any hope for introspection by individual students to follow their passions.

Instead, students ride the tide   -be it becoming a doctor/engineer or pursuing an ACCA or getting an MBA. The current tide is pursuing a Master's degree from  'abroad'   be it from any university and in any subject ........but from  'abroad'.

I have had scores of female students being blunt about the fact that a good Master's degree puts them in spot for a good marriage proposal. As absurd as it sounds, one wonders if this is a positive sign   -given that in our society females have always been judged based on the fairness of their skin.

In that sense, perhaps our society has come a long way into demanding well educated women for the purpose of marriage. On the other hand, realising that a  'good marriage proposal'  is the motivation for attending graduate school doesn't offer much to celebrate.

Similar is the case with several male students who understand that pursuing an MBA is as much about getting an entry-level job in a bank as it is about passing the criteria for marriage set by the girl's parents.

Then there are those who want to pursue a Master's degree from abroad that can enable them to wear the badge of   'foreign educated'  and also get a slight advantage in the job market back home in Pakistan.

Within this lot are also those who wish to undertake a Master's degree as the legal and most reliable way for settling abroad. Yet, with the strictness in Visa policies in many parts of the world, students with such plans are left at a serious disadvantage.

While the above-stated reasons still make sense, there are other more absurd reasons why people pursue a Masters degree. One of these is the   *I don't know what else to do*  reason.

It would be surprising if the numbers were to be revealed of the kids enrolled in Master's programmes in Pakistan, who are just there because they didn't know what else to do.

The worst reason to pursue a Master's degree, however, is to avoid marriage or to have a few more years of  'independence'. As a counsellor, I often advise such students to instead travel the world, or to pick up any volunteer work to achieve those goals.

I don't want to patronise or mock students. I just want to explain how important it is to have practical reasons to pursue a Master's degree. There's a desperate need in Pakistan to establish counselling at school, college and university levels-

That not only provide guidance to students on the possibilities that this world and future trends have to offer, but to disrupt the mentality of path dependency.

A lot of introspection is needed by students to develop a passion for something and pursue their dreams. Till then, we can expect to mass-produce students with Master's degree but with no real education or motivation*.

And having stated that, time enough to turn to S Humna Mehwish Al Quadri, Karachi and feel some real sparks:

In Pakistan, The Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting here, recently reiterated his resolve towards ensuring  ''freedom of expression' during a meeting with the Ambassador of the European Union, Jean-Francois Cautain.

However, it seems very unlikely that any safeguards will be guaranteed to the people anytime soon.

The minster is keeping the federal Right to Information  (RTI) Bill 2014 -rated the best  RTI  law in the world if adopted, by the Centre for Law and Democracy, Canada  - hostage to a special committee under the pretext of waiting for its recommendations on the bill.

Similarly, back in October, 2015, the federal government allowed ministries to block the release of any information if they felt that this undermined the 'public interest'.

Going further back to July, 2015. the minster had promised putting the draft of the federal RTI bill on the agenda of the next federal cabinet meeting, which never happened.

Either the minster should stop giving us false hopes and stop boasting about freedom of expression and information in front of foreign dignitaries- 

Or do something to turn the draft of the RTI bill 2014 into an act in 2016 to prove his dedication to the cause of freedom of information and expression. 

!WOW!  will stay vigilant and watch.

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