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Must setup the  Right Attitude and must envision the Right Foundation. This is critical to the  success of building a New and a  Great World!

We now move to a behind-the-scene glimpse into work  -and play-  at the giant Internet search company to see first hand,  Life in the Plex. 

LAUGH AS YOU MAY and laugh, as you must and  much   - there  is every possibility that by the time this century is out-   

Either and both  of these organisations-  *Google and  !WOW!*    would be well positioned for great power and great influence, to nurture such an idea and plan taking over the world And then, and so-

Should we be worried by the vast array of information Google captures about its users?

''The reason we keep track of your searches is to keep improving our search process,'' Menzel tells. 

He reminds me of one of the company's informal mottos  : Don't be evil - and says, ''We take that very seriously.''

NOT EVERYONE AGREES. Google's critics have blasted  it for everything from violating antitrust laws to being an unfair competitor to trying to monopolise search processes.  

I AM FINALLY admitted to the company's usually off-limits, locked-down and highly secretive security department. 

''Welcome to 'Security Land', says Ian Fette. product manager with Google's 200 security team-

As he ushers me through  double-locked doors. ''Not many outsiders get in here.''

As we walk through the department I see scores of security engineers poring over lines of complex computer coding that fill their huge twin monitors. 

No-one looks up; each is a study in concentration. These are some of the world's most accomplished  software engineers. They are Google's elite, the first line of defence against hackers, crackers and bad guys.

Fette and the department's anti-malware and the anti-phishing teams do constant battle, protecting Google and its users from a daily barrage of attackers-  intent on crippling the search engine giant or-

Stealing information from user accounts. ''Protecting our users data is what keeps me awake at night,'' says Fette. These cyber attacks range from the proverbial 15-year-old in his pyjamas to sophisticated assaults launched by skilled hackers or even governments.

''We try to keep one step ahead of the attackers. They are constantly evolving and so are we.'' explains Fette, a computer science graduate who speaks German and Japanese, flies his own plane-

And once worked for the  US  Defence Intelligence Agency. ''It's the New Cold War.''

Last June, the Security Team uncovered a sophisticated China-based attack that hacked into the personal Gmail account of hundreds of people, including top US officials, military personnel, journalists and Chinese political activists.

The team declared a  ''Code Red''  and sent an elite team of security experts into the department's war room, the nearby Incident Response Area.

As we walk by the room I notice door's series of locks and  signs that read '' Restricted Area '', ''No Visitors'' , and  ''Authorised Googlers Only''.

''Any chance I could peek inside?'' I ask Fette. ''Sure, but then we'd have to kill you,'' he jokes. At least I think he's joking.

WILL GOOGLE take over the world, as some fear? Unlikely, but part of the corporate vision is to look for : ''uncomfortably exciting idea that can change the world'', as Larry Page likes to say.

After my four-day visit to the  Googleplex, news is leaked that the firm's California-based  top-secret, clandestine laboratory, dubbed Google-X, is working on such outlandish inventions as a-

Lift that could transport people into outer space via a cable that instead of a rocket, driverless cars robots that would go to work while their human owners stay home, and even more outlandish ideas.


Those driverless cars are already here; Google introduced the world's first working  robot-controlled vehicle in 2010 and it has driven roughly 320,000 km on Nevada's and California's highways since then.

It's mind-boggling, isn't it?''

With respectful dedication to the Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and the Ecosystem 2011:

''' True Grit '''

Good Night and God Bless

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